0563 Code Meaning on Instagram and TikTok

As an avid user of Instagram or TikTok, you may have come across mysterious codes like 0563 popping up on user profiles. These codes are part of a viral trend where people send subliminal messages using secret love codes to convey their feelings, especially after a breakup. In this article, we will decode the meaning of the 0563 code on Instagram and TikTok and reveal the hidden messages behind other popular codes used on these social media platforms.

0563 Code Meaning on Instagram and TikTok

Social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have been buzzing with a new trend – secret love codes. These codes are used by users to convey messages that they may not be comfortable sharing in the open. One of the codes that have gained immense popularity is 0563.

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0563 code meaning on Instagram and TikTok

The secret love code 0563 translates to “Please don't leave me.” It's a message that someone may use to express their desire to keep their ex-lover from parting ways or to convey their fear of being abandoned by someone they care about. It's a poignant plea encapsulated in a simple combination of numbers that holds deep emotional significance for those who use it.

But 0563 is just one of the many secret codes that have emerged as part of this viral trend. Users on Instagram and TikTok have come up with a plethora of other codes, each with its own unique meaning. For example, 9080 stands for “I want you with me,” while 5555 signifies “I miss your voice, especially you.” These codes are meant to convey hidden messages and emotions that may not be easy to express in words.

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Interestingly, these secret codes don't always have to be numbered. Users on Instagram have also started using combinations of letters and numbers, often in Notes, that disappear after 24 hours. For instance, you may have come across codes like o12, o23, o43, and o76. These codes represent letters, with the role of the letter “o” remaining unclear. For example, o12 translates to “D,” and someone using this code on their profile may be referring to their ex-partner whose name starts with the letter “D,” while 076 represents “B.”

The origins of these secret codes are mostly internet-based, and some may have spiritual meanings attached to them if they happen to align with angel numbers. However, they are predominantly created for the purpose of this viral trend and have gained traction as a way for users to express their emotions in a subtle yet creative manner.

0563 Code Meaning on Instagram and TikTok

Other secret love codes

Here are some more examples of secret love codes and their meanings from TikTok and Instagram:

  • 1038: “Can't stop loving you”
  • 107: “Comeback”
  • 143: “I love you”
  • 1437: “I love you forever”
  • 1463: “I miss the old you”
  • 1543: “I still love you”
  • 4200: “Losing feelings for you”
  • 5391: “So we're strangers again?”
  • 607: “I miss you”
  • 6302: “I'm starting to like you”
  • 7537: “I know you don't like me”
  • 910: “Sorry I hurt you”
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These codes allow users to express their feelings in a creative and discreet way, adding an element of intrigue and mystery to their social media profiles.


The viral trend of secret love codes on Instagram and TikTok has taken social media by storm, providing users with a unique and creative way to convey their emotions, especially after a breakup.

The code 0563, which translates to “Please don't leave me,” is just one example of the many codes that users have come up with to express their innermost feelings.

Whether through numbers or combinations of letters and numbers, these secret codes have become a popular way for users to send subliminal messages and share their emotions with others.