10 Best Runescape Skills to Train

Some Runescape skills are required to unlock specific quests or to get access to some monsters. However, they are more important than each other. Here, we have the 10 best Runescape skills to train arranged according to their importance.

10 Best Runescape Skills to Train

At this moment, there are about 27 skills in RuneScape 3 to train for. Interestingly, you can train these 27 skills. However, you have to be a member.

Also, free-to-play players can access up to 17 skills out of the total. Although, some of these RuneScape skills are more important than others. Some even allow you to make money.

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If you look forward to some quests or would like to get certain monsters, you have to get trained for the most important skills.

10 Best Runescape Skills to Train

Below, we have listed the 10 best RuneScape skills to train based on their importance.

10 Best Runescape Skills to Train


The most important skill on RuneScape 3 is Invention. The invention was introduced in 2016 as an elite skill that allows players to access new materials when they disassemble specific items.

The materials they earn are used in the production of devices, augment high-level armour as well as weapons with tools perks. However, note that an augmented weapon cannot be traded.

The Invention skill can be unlocked with level 80 in Crafting, Divination and Smithing.


Magic is useful in unlocking certain abilities like Alchemy, Superheat and Enchant, more than combat. It also has teleportation abilities which can be used to teleport around the world.

Level 30 unlocks access to the Surge ability which lets you immediately teleport 10 tiles ahead of you. With this, you can easily get around Gielinor.

Magic has up to three spellbooks. After members have completed the Desert Treasure and Lunar Diplomacy, the Ancient Magicks and Lunar spells will both be made available for them.

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Prayer gets you access to melee, ranged and magic reduction and therefore, can be regarded as an essential skill for PVM. Survival for most bosses requires that you damage reduction prayers.

Access to Soul Split is granted at level 92 Prayer after completing The Temple at Senntisten. Soul Split better-called lifesteal helps you restore your health after you have damaged a monster.

The lifesteal helps you to heal up to about 10% of the damage and can be used alternatively for food.


Slayer is a must to train for players training combat. You get assigned to tasks by Slayer Masters to gain XP if you have trained Slayer.

Besides, if you are looking at causing damage to some monsters, then you should attain a good Slayer level, especially, to battle with monsters that drop good loot which can only be damaged with a high Slayer level.

Basically, you earn more money with a high Slayer Level because you get access to a wider number of monsters.


Herblore like Overloads, Adrenaline potions and Superfire potions, will help you create stat-boosting potions. It also has great money-making methods such as making unfinished potions.

You can also make weapon poison++ with level 82 Herblore giving more than 10 million GP every hour as profit.


Dungeoneering helps you train multiple skills at a go. It gives you access to unlimited resource dungeons while in Gielinor.

You can also buy useful items like the Bonecrusher, Charming imp, and Gold accumulator from the rewards trader.


To get access to signs of the porter, Divination is required. This can be used to automatically teleport items from you to your bank.

Besides, it can also be used to train specific low-level skills such as mining and woodcutting. The ability to create divine items including Divine mithril rock, deadfall trap and salmon bubble, makes this possible.

Divination gives you access to the sign of life and death and you will be revived anytime you die. However, it requires level 80 Divination to unlock the Invention skill.

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Crafting is used in making lots of items in RuneScape. However, it requires level 80 crafting which can be assisted.

Also, an amulet is not tradable in the Grand Exchange. As a result, you can’t buy it. Instead, you can make money by making decorated urns.


Summoning helps to get access to damage-boosting familiars and familiars that can contain your items during combat. The Ripper Demon can be summoned at level 96 Summoning.

This skill’s effect increases the damage of a player's attacks by 0-5%. This scales alongside the percentage of their target's lost life points.

Note that, it is expensive to train the Summoning skill and collect charms.


Ranged lets you safespot from a distance. This makes it a better skill than melee. Ranged and attack are the last is the last skill on the list.

With higher combat stats, you can conserve your health without consuming much food.


Please note that this list and how the skills are ranked are based on the importance of each skill. And, we hoped that this will guide you when choosing the best skill to train.

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10 Best Runescape Skills to Train

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