10 WordPress Plugins you should be Using on your Blog

By now, I am sure you know what plugins are. They are created with a specific purpose, they help out in solving certain tasks on your blog. I have outlined the 10 WordPress Plugins you should be using on your blog and I will be discussing their importance in a bit.

10 WordPress Plugins you should be Using on your Blog

10 WordPress Plugins you should be Using on your Blog

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Most Important Plugins for Blogging

Here are the top 10 WordPress Plugins based on livetechnoid.com's rating.

Akismet Anti-Spam

Akismet Anti-Spam is a WordPress plugin that acts as a check for all spam messages and denies all malicious login attempts.

Immediately you start receiving visitors to your blog, it is a better idea to install and set up the plugin.

There are many users on the internet who spams other websites and contents with links and other annoying comments.

Akismet will help you figure out a spam message by running it spam checker and will move the comment to the spam folder itself without you noticing.

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We are still on the 10 WordPress Plugins you should be using on your Blog.

HTTPS Redirector

HTTPS redirector is essential for a website running on HTTP and has SSL installed on their website. If you have SSL installed on your website, then you should consider installing HTTPS redirector.

HTTPS show that a website is secure with a padlock displayed next to the URL in browsers and search engines to give priority to the websites with this feature.

However, SSL does not come for free. Website owners buy SSL for their website. Some domain host providers also give free SSL to their customers.

Anytime a website is added to their hosting plan, it is required for those providers to make it secure without paying anything in addition. That is why you need to research on host providers well before going for their plans.

If you are sure that you have a free SSL from your provider or you have purchased your SSL certificate. Proceed by installing the HTTPS redirector plugin and have the “S” displayed at the back of your HTTP to make your website more secure for users.

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We are still on the 10 WordPress Plugins you should be using on your Blog.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard is a plugin that shows certain information about visits and the visitors to your blog.

Instead of you to visit the Google Analytics page every now and then, it will be a wise thing to do if you have this plugin installed. This action will make you able to monitor your traffic progress right from the WordPress dashboard.

You can get information for your visitors in real-time, the present day, the past days, months, years just from your blog’s backend.

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We are still on the 10 WordPress Plugins you should be using on your Blog.


Jetpack is a utility plugin owned by WordPress itself. It was designed to solve many tasks ranging from traffic information display, spam checking, caching, social sharing, SEO, optimization, backup, security among other features.

It performs the function provided you have activated the feature with the plugin. Most times, it is preferable to use this kind of app to save you time installing more plugins.

Also, I use it together with Google Analytics to have a better result on the number of visitors and visits to my blogs.

PageSpeed Ninja

As the name suggests, PageSpeed Ninja helps to achieve a website running with the best speed. How fast your website load is one of the things that determine how well users visit your website.

Also, it is one of the algorithms that specific search engines use to determine which website ranks first, second, third and so on for a specific keyword.

Site speed is very essential, this is why I am recommending PageSpeed Ninja to help you achieve a very fast blog that can help you outrank your competitors.

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We are still on the 10 WordPress Plugins you should be using on your Blog.

Social Warfare

Social warfare helps to display social sharing icons within your pages. If it happens that a visitor like our content, he/she can easily click to share to their people via the social sharing icons displayed.

Another important feature of this plugin is the auto-share feature. When you activate this feature, it allows sharing automatically, any post you publish immediately to your social media account.

This will be great and help improve your social media traffic volume.

WP Super Cache

It takes browsers time to load a website every time. To help with this, plugins like WP Super Cache will help to keep website data at a period and delete them back periodically.

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Caching does not really matter, but its importance in helping websites to load faster anytime they are called upon cannot be underrated.

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We are still on the 10 WordPress Plugins you should be using on your Blog.

Yoast SEO Premium

Yoast SEO Premium is my recommended SEO plugin. Alongside is usefulness in solving SEO problems on blogs, it also does good work with sitemap submission and on page content analysis.

It analyses your content and gives tips to improve them. It also provides keyword suggestion based on the most frequently used keyword on your blog.

The usefulness of Yoast SEO Premium plugin is so much that it deserves to be discussed in a single topic. However, you don’t need to break your bank before using this plugin, it has the free in the WordPress plugin store for your usage.

Contact Form

One of the best ways of building your traffic is by building your mail list. With a plugin like this, you will be able to build an audience by allowing your users to sign-up for periodic newsletters from your blog.

Any time you have a new post, you sent out an e-mail to them to notify them about the content and they may choose to come back if they find the content appealing.

Ads integration

If you have enrolled your blog on advertisement programs and have gotten approval, then you need to place your ads at a certain part of your blog to generate revenue.

A plugin like this will help you place the ads conveniently without complicating other things on your blog even without you having a background knowledge on HTML or CSS.

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This is the top 10 WordPress Plugins based on livetechnoid.com rating, don’t forget to share this post with friends and come back for more.

In case you have any question(s), feel free to use the comment section.


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