11 Free Midjourney Promo Codes

In this blog post, we will delve into the exciting world of Midjourney and provide you with a comprehensive list of free promo codes and coupons to enhance your experience.


Are you ready to embark on a mind-bending journey that pushes the boundaries of design, human infrastructure, and artificial intelligence? Look no further than Midjourney, an independent research lab that aims to expand human imagination and explore new frontiers of thought.

With a small self-funded team and a group of knowledgeable advisors, Midjourney is at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation.

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How to Subscribe to Midjourney

Accessing the wonders of Midjourney is a breeze. To get started, simply join their Discord server, where you can subscribe to one of their plans. To generate a personal link to the subscription page, use the “/subscribe” command. Alternatively, you can visit Midjourney.com/account or select “Manage Sub” from the sidebar while logged into the Midjourney website. These multiple options ensure that you can quickly and conveniently become a part of the Midjourney community.

Unleash Your Imagination with the “/imagine” Command

Once you've subscribed to Midjourney, you gain access to an extraordinary feature: the “/imagine” command. This command allows you to generate unique images based on text prompts. Imagine the possibilities! Whether you're seeking inspiration for a design project or simply want to explore the realms of AI-generated art, Midjourney's “/imagine” command will amaze you with its capabilities.

Upscale, Vary, and Save Your Generated Images

Midjourney doesn't just stop at image generation. They understand the importance of customization and flexibility. With Midjourney, you can upscale and vary the generated images to suit your specific needs. Need a higher resolution? Midjourney has got you covered. Want to add a touch of diversity to your generated images? Midjourney's got that covered too. And the best part? You can save these images for future use, allowing you to build a library of stunning visuals that will elevate your creative projects to new heights.

Midjourney Promo Codes to Unlock Discounts and Offers

11 Free Midjourney Promo Codes

Now, let's get to the exciting part – Midjourney promo codes! These codes provide you with fantastic discounts and offers to make your Midjourney experience even more rewarding. We've compiled a list of promo codes that you can use during checkout to unlock exclusive benefits. Remember, if a code doesn't work, simply try another one from the list or wait for updates.

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Here are some of the Midjourney promo codes and their corresponding rewards:

  1. Subscriber: Use this code to get a discount or a special offer as a loyal subscriber.
  2. Blackfriday: Unlock incredible deals during the Black Friday sale.
  3. Thanksgiving: Express your gratitude with discounts and surprises during Thanksgiving.
  4. Holiday: Embrace the holiday spirit with festive discounts and bonuses.
  5. Birthday: Celebrate your special day with a unique birthday discount.
  6. Annual: Opt for the annual subscription plan and enjoy a 20% discount.
  7. Dream: Turn your dreams into reality with exclusive discounts on dream-related projects.
  8. Imagine: Unleash your imagination with this code and unlock additional features.
  9. Trial: Get a taste of Midjourney's wonders with a trial code for a limited time.
  10. Machine: Dive into the world of machine-generated art and enjoy discounts on related projects.
  11. Algorithm: Explore the power of algorithms with this code, unlocking special benefits.

To redeem a code, simply enter it on the checkout page, and watch as the magic unfolds. By using one of the codes mentioned above, you'll receive a discount ranging from 0% to 50% off your subscription. It's a fantastic opportunity to make the most of Midjourney's services while saving some of your hard-earned money.

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Stay Tuned for New Promo Codes

Midjourney is constantly evolving and striving to provide new and exciting experiences for its subscribers. As a result, new promo codes will be added to the list in the future. To stay updated, be sure to bookmark the promo codes page. If you're using Chrome, simply click on the star icon to save the page for quick access. By regularly checking back, you'll ensure that you never miss out on the latest discounts and offers from Midjourney.


Midjourney is an extraordinary platform that merges design, human infrastructure, and artificial intelligence to expand human imagination. By subscribing to Midjourney through Discord and utilizing the powerful “/imagine” command, you can unlock a world of creative possibilities.

Make your journey even more rewarding by taking advantage of the promo codes and coupons provided. Remember to bookmark the promo codes page and check back regularly for new additions. With Midjourney, your imagination knows no bounds.