How to Return or Cancel An Order on Jumia

Did you recently make an order on Jumia and would like to cancel your order? In this discussion, I will be explaining how to return or cancel an order on Jumia.

How to Return or Cancel An Order on Jumia

Previously, I have explained how to shop online on Jumia for people that are new to shopping online. You can still follow the guide if you are yet to make your first purchase on Jumia.

There are a number of reasons that might make you want to return or stop an order from being delivered. The most common reasons why people cancel items they order online are if the product delivered doesn't look like what they actually saw online in terms of quality or if the size doesn't just fit.

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Also, sometimes, people cancel items they ordered even before they are delivered. If it happens that you changed your mind shortly after you made the order, due to the fact that you feel you're been overcharged for a product or you aren't sure about the quality or you discover that you had selected the wrong measurement, there is no reason why you shouldn't cancel what you've ordered for.

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How to Return or Cancel An Order on Jumia

If you would like to return an item purchased on Jumia, there are easier ways to achieve that. I will begin to start my explanation on how this is done.

Certainly, buyers have different reasons for buying and sometimes the need to return or cancel the order arises.

How to Return an Order on Jumia

There are two major ways to return or cancel an Order on Jumia.

  1. You can cancel your order by sending an email to Jumia Customer Service here or calling Jumia on 012772367. If your order has already been shipped, they will make an attempt to stop its delivery. You can also initiate a return process by filling out a form from the Jumia website here.
  2. Another way is to simply reject the item on delivery and ignore any email or SMS regarding the delivery/pick-up of the package.

How to Return or Cancel An Order on Jumia

You can also use the first method above in case you need to track your order or file a complaint on payment issues.

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Those are the two ways through which you can return your order. However, your money will be refunded to your JumiaPay account, and you will be able to use it to perform mobile recharge and subscription payments or use it when next you wish to buy an item from Jumia.

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  1. Ordered a product from jumia, and I suddenly changed my mind about it. Would like to cancel the order and get my money back cuz it was payed online . Just don’t know how to do that .

    • If your order has been fulfilled, you should wait till it’s delivered and you can then return and file for a refund. Otherwise, follow the procedure explained in the article.

  2. Pls I made am order of three items two days ago t-shirt yoni peals and boxers for me pls want to remove yoni peals from the order

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