How to Correct and Update BVN Details

I recently discovered that some people are having issues with their Bank Verification Number (BVN) details submitted. This is why I have considered explaining how to correct and update BVN details.

How to Correct and Update BVN Details

What is BVN?

BVN means Bank Verification Number. It is a unique identity given to every citizen of Nigeria that owns or operates a bank account.

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BVN registration is considered a necessity for account opening. Even if you open a bank account from channels that do not require that you visit the bank before being given an account opening form, before you can make meaningful transactions from your account, you will be required to visit the bank to get your BVN registration done and linked to the account.

Bank Verification

BVN database is secured. This assurance is given following an order made by the Central Bank of Nigeria to the public that only Commercial Banks are granted access to the BVN database of their customers. Indeed, information submitted during BVN registration is not leaked out.

If you would like to know how to check your BVN number from your mobile phone, kindly refer to this post.

However, suppose you have made any mistake during your Bank Verification Number registration or would like to know how to correct and update BVN details and make necessary changes to it. In that case, you can now edit, update or change the BVN details entirely.

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How to Correct and Update BVN Details

To edit or update your BVN details, kindly visit and complain about the bank branch where you registered.

How to Correct and Update BVN Details

Corrections that you can make on your BVN Details

  1. Date of birth
  2. Change of the first name due to marriage
  3. Corrections in name due to mis-spelling

Documents Required for BVN Details Update

  1. Birth certificate – for correction of Date of Birth.
  2. Those changing or correcting details due to marriage should prove their marriage using the certificate/affidavit.
  3. Corrections of name due to mis-spelling can be changed by presenting an international passport, national identity card or voter's card showing the correct name.
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How to Correct and Update BVN Details

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126 thoughts on “How to Correct and Update BVN Details”

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  2. Hi i recently checked my bvn details, my middle name and middle name was replaced with each other, do you think this is a problem?

    • There might be an issue in the future, except you want to stick to your name as captured on the BVN. Otherwise, you can apply to edit your details.

  3. Good morning please how can I no d bank I do my bvn and d brach with because I can’t remember wen I enroll

  4. Please must i go to the branch that i did BVN to change or edit an email address attached to it or I can go to any bank branch to do that?

  5. Please how long does it takes to include email address to BVN details
    I just did mine on Friday went I found out it’s not in my details

  6. I have my bvn with my two names on it but the bank refuse to activate my account due to my valid I D card bears my three names. What should I do?

  7. Can I change my BVN date with the bank I was enrolled even when I’m no longer banking with them?… like I’ve closed the account

  8. Dear Mr Goodness, if I suspect any fraudulent act in my banking activities, can l suspend my BVN to stop any further irregularities on all my linked accounts ?

    • Hi Alex, you can’ suspend your BVN. Rather, you can choose to block your cards if you notice that someone else has access or freeze your account if you notice that your bank account security has been breached. Also, do well to complain to your bank for a better way forward.

  9. Good afternoon, sir.
    Please, is there anyway I can change the passport on my BVN.

    I just notice today that it wasn’t my passport that was on the BVN.

  10. Pls my question is that if they changes date of birth on BVN, how many hours or days will it take before it can start working

    • Greetings to you plz I did BVN sometime in 2015, but they did not give me any BVN before I travelled out of the country, recently I went to NIMC to do my national identity only for me to find out that I had BVN but it has a different name on it, so I changed the name , but when I went to the bank with the BVN given to me, the keyed it in the system to validate but it keeps saying no result found and I have checked properly to make sure there is no mistake in typing but it keep saying no result found, how do I fix these?

  11. I helped someone open account with his name,date of birth and phone number without knowing the implications now I want to correct the details to be mine.,how can I go about it

  12. So I opened an account with Theresa Engobor using ny voter’s card and my bvn was registered with the same name. Now my national ID and other relevant documents carry Engobor Theresa Alaere. Is it possible to effect a change on my account name and bvn?

    • Do you have any issues using your account? If not, you can leave it that way. The process involved usually comes with a lot of stress.

  13. Hello sir please I made a mistake on my date of birth on my bvn. What are the process I need to take to correct it.

  14. But how do I do that when I don’t have the account number and the BVN? Besides when I opened the account I didn’t have NIN then… So how do I go about it

  15. Please I don’t have my account number and my BVN and the phone number I used in opening the account is lost please can I open account with another bank and get another BVN?

    • Hi

      Do you have your NIN yet? Your NIN is probably linked to your NIN. Instead of getting another, you can still retrieve the one you have. Visit your bank and lodge a complain.

  16. The bank i did my enrollment i no longer bank with them and i need to rearrange my names on my BVN. So is it not possible to make the corrections and updating in another bank that you re banking with?

  17. Please sir, is there anyway I can change the passport photograph on my BVN?
    They mistakenly used a female picture instead of mine.

    • Hi Harbeebullhi,

      Your passport can be changed but you will need to revisit the enrollment centre to do this.

  18. I want to add my middle name to my bvn, gone 3 times not change, bank later told me now that error message showing (name too long for bvn cache. This is my name/ names registered in my PVC. What do I do now?

  19. Hello, I have issues with rearrangements, my first name was used as my surname and vice versa, how am I going to do about it??

  20. I wrote my main age when opening an account ,so I want to change it so I could reach 18 yrs ,how can i??

    • I don’t see a reason for this. There’s no age barrier for account opening. But if you insist, kindly visit your bank branch nearest to you.

  21. So i registered a new account in zenith but added my third name which i didn’t use for my BVN,how do i add the third name to my BVN again?

  22. Hello, I have issues of rearrangement on my bvn, my first name was made my middle name, so I changed it in the bank, only for them to make a mistake by duplicating my first name in both first and middle name. I have go back to back three different times but no changes,I went on Wednesday,they said 48hrs, today is Saturday, 72hrs now no changes, what can I do pls

  23. I registered for BVN in the diaspora with my previous international passport. My passport data was later corrected to match what is on my birth certificate after I had registered for BVN. My first and middle names were mistakenly switched during my original passport application 12 years ago. How can I update my BVN info since I did not register with any Nigerian bank and I am not residing in Nigeria? I did a change of name publication in a Nigeria newspaper 6 years ago.

  24. I don’t have account I just want to open online but now they are asking for BVN number which I don’t even no,How can I get the number without going to bank please.

  25. Pls how can I edit my contact in my BVN, I lost the MTN number I used for my BVN, unable to retrieve it more than 6 months , now in able to retrieve.

  26. Please can one change state of origin in ones bvn I noticed mine was wrongly captured and I ask the bank they seem not to know if the change is possible.

      • Please I registered for bvn with wema bank in Lagos State now I don’t reside in Lagos anymore, and I want to change my date of birth from 1995 to 1998 and there’s no wema in the South East, I want to ask pls, if I open a new bank account with another bank will they be able to edit and change the date of birth for me without me necessarily going to wema bank?? Pls I need your guide

        • Other banks can only link your BVN to your new account. You still need to visit a Wema branch nearest to you for assistance on any changes you are willing to make.

    • I want to interchange my name on my bvn it was written N R C instead of N C R…that is to say my middle name and first name was switched. What is the requirements ?

  27. I want to change my date of birth of my bvn, but the bank that I registered with they don’t have branch in our town, so can I go to another bank that I have account with?

    • Hi Evans,

      If you have enrolled for NIN earlier, you can use that instead. Otherwise, kindly walk into any of your bank branch and ask for other alternatives.

  28. I’ll right away grab your RSS as I can not to find your e-mail subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly allow me to recognise so that I may subscribe.

    • Thanks Verlene, I will work towards adding a newsletter service soon. Kindly bear with us in the meantime.

  29. Please I want to change my date of birth on my BVN,am I to go to the same branch where I registered or any of the Bank’s branch?

  30. Pls have lost d sim that I used to register my bvn,,and zenith bank refuse to change d phone number for me,,,what can I do,,bcos that where I register it

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  32. I want to change the phone number registered with my BVN but the bank I registered the BVN with is not in my vicinity again but I still have the bank am using around me. Can I go to the bank and change it.

  33. I ve visited My Bank to update My new number which has been confirmed by My Bank to be Updates But some app still send Code/otp to My lost SIM. How will u help

  34. My BVN was registered with a phone number that has been lost. Is there a way to change it to current phone number without visiting bank?

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