45+ Free Instagram Accounts with Many Followers

In this post, we have provided you with Free Instagram accounts and passwords with many followers for your use and other ways you can use Instagram for free.

45+ Free Instagram Accounts with Many Followers

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Its app is in use by billions of users across the world.

Instagram allows you to create and enjoy the buzz on the internet. However, some users are currently having issues using Instagram stories.

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Below, we have listed some free Instagram accounts with usernames and passwords.

How to Get a Free Instagram Account

You must sign up on the Instagram website or through the Instagram mobile app using your email address or mobile number to get a free Instagram account.

You can install the app from trusted sources like the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS.

Another way to get a quick Instagram account for free is by choosing the “Log in with Facebook” option to use an existing Facebook account.

Is Instagram Free?

Instagram is free for everyone. You can install the mobile app for free on the App Store and Google Play Store and enjoy all its features for free,

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Unless you run promotions or boost your Instagram post, you are paying for nothing. Go to the “Ad Tools” option on your business account profile to run ads.

45+ Free Instagram Accounts with Many Followers

Free Instagram Accounts

Below are the free Instagram accounts, including the email address and password.

  1. 324ni, Password: 4214hfr21w
  2. 4h31, Password: Floh3i232f
  3. aeojf, Password: F2147382
  4. asw123, Password: 123Asw
  5. auioa, Password: wt4hoifa193
  6. awdk1, Password: E3u2r3fa
  7. awm2, Password: 147da3bfW
  8. b3as, Password: 234ij2J
  9. burasas, Password: slide12waD
  10. catchya, Password: hfA23rfha
  11. dadwa, Password: wqwfwefeqwd
  12. daw2, Password: akdw223K
  13. drom11, Password: 11Drom
  14. ecn1, Password: Nelson123
  15. flam12, Password: 33fj93aa
  16. flowas1, Password: 1Flowas
  17. fly711, Password: 711Fly
  18. fwfafw, Password: F83952s23
  19. ggeess, Password: 247HDw83
  20. ginihg, Password: Low174321
  21. grimnnn, Password: loR331387
  22. haswq, Password: akdp2ow
  23. haxey60746, Password: 60746haxey
  24. kaaaas, Password: 2S4389238
  25. liopa12, Password: lfWeojr31
  26. llaoa, Password: GGllaoa
  27. loapam, Password: Ka323rnhw
  28. meae3, Password: afw9u3wq
  29. nixauy, Password: 23rN392ua
  30. w1403, Password: rose234Lw
  31. wa323, Password: Kolm8813
  32. wieuw, Password: Joawk2121
  33. y123, Password: af30i3f
  34. zasfr, Password: Frzas245

Please note that this list is for early birds. If you are lucky to see the post on time, kindly look for the login that works for you before someone else uses it. If you cannot log in with an account, then it has either been used by someone else, or the password has been changed.

Free Instagram Accounts with Many Followers

Also added are some free Instagram accounts with many followers including their username and password.

  1. 15t1l__, Password: d5y23hfa1
  2. 1m65__, Password: dW32r3r8
  3. austinsoneandonly, Password: Art3hfaf31
  4. beauties_contest__, Password: fiery3w24
  5. deleted10726__, Password: 23y2UGaw
  6. deletedd__123, Password: delwr3rt4t
  7. kitten__, Password: nb387f2asf
  8. fit_healthy_bods, Password: 235hI1423
  9. helloimacatdog, Password: f141289sxc
  10. jgvgfddxchjj__, Password: wuft48dw1
  11. johannas_vinnnees__, Password: q4233fbga
  12. x_k44ntekin_x, Password: Q3gr23sasd
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The login details listed above are for the fastest finger. You must claim any combination that works for you before someone else does.

However, if an email address and password combination don't work, someone else has likely changed it. Else, if an account has expired or been cancelled.


We have provided free login details to Instagram on this page. Please, feel free to choose any username/password combination that works for you and does not change it so others can use it.

We will continue to add more accounts when they are available.

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45+ Free Instagram Accounts with Many Followers

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