7 Unpopular YouTube URL Hacks Everyone Should Try

In this post, I will be discussing some 7 unpopular YouTube URL hacks that should interest people that wish to get more out of YouTube other than streaming and watching.

7 Unpopular YouTube URL Hacks Everyone Should find Handy

Although YouTube has been around for ages, I can still say many people know little or nothing about YouTube customization. If you are a regular YouTube user or just a once in a while like me, there are ways to improve your YouTube experience. You can customize the YouTube URL to make GIFs, put videos in a loop, and more.

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7 Unpopular YouTube URL Hacks You Should find Handy

If you are interested in learning some interesting hacks to take your streaming experience to a new level, here are some YouTube URL hacks to help you get more out of YouTube.

Link to a Video

You can easily link to a YouTube video by copying its URL. With that, you can easily share the video link with anyone or even add it to another website.

On another website, the YouTube video associated with the copied link will start once someone clicks on any part of the YouTube frame enclosing the video. The video starts playing from the beginning.

For example, if you are linking to an excel formatting tips video from the Everyday Excel channel on YouTube, you only need the link


Link to any part of a Video

Unlike the previous hack, this one lets you show a certain section of a video to people by simply adding a timestamp to the back of the URL. The video will only start playing from the time specified in the timestamp.

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To link to a part of a YouTube video, try to add “&t=YmXXs” or “&start=XX” without “” to the end of the video URL. You change Y to the corresponding minutes and XX to seconds into the video. Also, you can convert your timestamp format to seconds only. In such situations, &t=2m30s is &t=150s for a video to start playing at 2 and a half minutes.

Just like this,




Instead of going through this stress, you can just copy the video URL from YouTube at the current time.

Loop a Video Non-Stop

If you are obsessed with a YouTube song and want to listen to it over and over again, you can add a repeater to its URL. You can do this natively on YouTube or just change YouTube in the URL to youtube repeater.

For example,



https://www. youtuberepeater.com/watch?v=T5N2c7mkpXA

Scale Through Age Restrictions

If a video is flagged as not suitable for your age, you can do this hack to bypass signing in. Simply add NSFW to the beginning of the URL.

For example,




Sack YouTube Default Recommendations

YouTube recommendations sometimes are not filled with the content you have subscribed to. To solve this problem, try bookmarking your subscriptions page using “youtube.com/feed/subscriptions” to see the newest videos from channels you follow.

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Get Thumbnail of a Video

To get the Thumbnail of a YouTube video, make your URL look like this;


In our own case, this should appear as;


[VideoID] should be replaced with the set of texts after the “v=” at the end of a YouTube video URL.

Make a GIF from a YouTube Video

If you have found a YouTube video that includes a GIF-worthy moment, you can turn them into an animated GIF from that part of the video by putting a gif before the YouTube link to look like this.

youtube.com/watch? v=T5N2c7mkpXA

Change the URL to this:


You'll be taken to gifs.com and you can add a variety of effects and crop the GIF. You can also share the resulting GIF to social networks.

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