Best NFT Artworks of the Week: 5 Impressive Collections to Look at

The world of non-fungible tokens is changing very quickly, and every following record-breaking piece matters for its development. Every week, there are new top-selling NFT collections. Knowing what ideas are wrapped in these collections and how they gain recognition might be useful if you want to continue your journey into the sphere and become the next lucky NFT owner.

Best NFT Artworks of the Week: 5 Impressive Collections to Look at

Since ratings of top-selling NFT collections differ from platform to platform, we will base ours on Rarible to see what the tastiest digital art collections are.

Best Selling NFT Collection Rating for March 21 to 27

While at this moment you might not be ready to invest in the famous and expensive NFTs, it’s vital to know about them and see what kind of NFT collections rise to the top. So, let’s start and review them.

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

As for now, the collection’s trading volume makes 93 million USD (for the last 7 days). The collection exists on the Ethereum blockchain. For a long time, it remained second to CryptoPunks but soon took over. Large editions such as a 10,000 piece BAYC are made with the help of one template and are embellished differently to give them unique: face expressions, accessories, clothing, etc.

Right now, the Ape floor is around 300,000 USD, so many crypto coin users eagerly buy Ape NFTs at this price, and even if they lose some Ethereum, gaining exclusive rights still makes a great perk. The total traded volume already surpasses 1 billion USD at the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

  1. CryptoPunks

This is one of the best NFT collections in terms of sales. It contains 10 thousand unique punk characters with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain. These trending images are subdivided into males (over 6 thousand items) and females (3,800 thousand items).

CryptoPunks is an early NFT project that is popular to this day. These pinks with crypto aliens, zombies, and apes stand in one row. Each Crypto Punk has a mix of 0 to 87 features or traits, and this number of attributes influences their scarcity and value. Punks can be bought at platforms like the OpenSea website or auctions selling Punks.

  1. The Sandbox
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Among the most popular NFT collections for artists particularly, there is also The Sandbox which features game items voxel creations. This is a UGC-voxel platform with a community at the center. The main peculiarity of this game is that participants can monetize voxel assets. They can also stake the SAND coins, customize assets, and even vote in the game governance. The average of The Sandbox is 1.889 ETH, whereas the total traded volume is $3.13 million.

  1. VeeFriends

This collection may be less famous if you are an artist, yet one of the best NFT artworks of 2022. Its author, Gary Vaynerchuk / Gary Vee, claims that these NFTs are ‘meaningful intellectual property. In fact, this is Gary’s first collection of 268 characters and over 10,000 tokens, so that’s a combination of top NFT arts, digital collectibles, and token utility. There are 3 types of VeeFriends: Gift, Admission, and Access tokens. They allow holders to experience NFTs differently.

  1. Doodles

These rainbow-coloured NFTs named Doodles are the funny characters transforming into various desserts. The authors’ trio, Jordan Castro, Evan Keast, and Scott Martin, were already known as those who create and sell trending collections such as CryptoKitties. According to official ratings, characters like cats, aliens, apes, mascots, and skeletons sell for the highest prices.

In the beginning, in 2021, each Doodle was priced at 0,123 Ethereum for a mint. Later, they decided to make the team of Doodle members exclusive and made the members’ number stop at 1,000. They also went for a higher price.

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Recently one of the Doodles, ‘Golden Ape,’ changed owners for the crypto coin amount equivalent to the striking 900,000 USD. The trading volume has already broken 50,000 ETH, while Doodle’s floor verges 10 ETH.

Best NFT Artworks of the Week: 5 Impressive Collections to Look at


These top NFT collections exemplify how exceptional creativity and the blend of art and technology can make a difference and become a must-know collection. If you want to explore more new NFT collections, feel free to visit one of the most trusted platforms with NFT news and updates on Top NFT Collections. Best collections by promising authors available for buying are found in this place, blog articles and chart info on trades and volume. This is a purely informative tool, but you can buy NFTs themselves on OpenSea with the help of this platform.

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