Checkout eSIM – Bye Bye To The Regular Micro, Nano And Mini SIM Card

You've certainly seen a Micro and Nano SIM card, right? But in few years to come, you may not need a physical SIM card anymore in order to use your mobile phone. The introduction of eSIM will make smartphones smarter, as users will enjoy full features of a regular SIM card in the almost-invisible eSIM.
SIM stands for “subscriber identity module” or “subscriber identification module”. The SIM Card contains unique information that identifies it to a specific mobile network, which allows the subscriber (like you) to use the communication features; calling, texting, browsing, etc.


An eSIM is a smaller embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card measuring just 5mm in length and 5mm in width, soldered into a device motherboard with all the functions of a regular SIM card. The eSIM/Embedded SIM is non-removable, and it a very much smaller version of the removable SIM found in your phone.

Why eSIM?
The introduction of eSIM will give manufacturers the luxury of making less bulky phones with more beautiful designs. And in a bid to do that, they'll have to do away with the space occupied by a removable SIM card.

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A regular SIM card has a socket for holding it and the circuit which connects it to the motherboard and other necessary parts of the phone or mobile device. But with an eSIM, this is minimized adequately.

Didn't you notice? This was the same reason OEMs adopted the use of Micro and Nano SIM cards, but we might soon bid goodbye to them if eSIMs get welcomed with open arms. Non-removable batteries is also a good example.


How eSIM Works
When you buy a phone which has eSIM integrated in it, you can activate your preferred operator (either MTN, Airtel, etc) by going to phones settings, then select your network with the plan you want, and you will be connected.

This is achieved courtesy of its M2M (Machine to Machine) and Remote Provisioning capabilities which provide you with an enhanced customer experience when activating and managing your phones.

Amazingly, Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2, the flagship smartphones from the tech giant – Google, comes with eSIM. However, since the eSIM is not yet common, Google also included slot for removable SIM card.

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