Dangers of Charging your Phone Overnight

Stop Killing your Phone battery. Here are the dangers of charging your phone overnight.

Dangers of Charging your Phone Overnight

Charging a phone overnight can lead to battery damage and a reduction in its lifespan.

Many prefer to charge their smartphones at nights. This is because it is easy to attain a full charge while you sleep than when you are not. However, you might think reaching a 100 per cent charge is more beneficial when you are actually killing the battery life.

I am not saying a complete charge cycle is bad. But you shouldn’t charge your smartphone overnight to achieve this. Here's why?

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Dangers of Charging your Phone Overnight

Rechargeable batteries tend to lose their capacity with time whether you use them or not. The difference usually becomes apparent after the first year in use. In fact, it becomes hard for most people to pass a day with a single charge after the second year, no matter the battery capacity.

Rechargeable tech products batteries are usually made from Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) or Lithium-Ion Polymer (Li-Po). Some Lithium-Ion batteries are found in smartphones, laptops, vaporizers, and even Teslas and chainsaws.

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The variation of the battery used in phones (Li-Po) appears smaller and safer to use. They also charge faster than other varieties. They are essentially made up of a lithium cobalt oxide layer and a graphite layer. It allows lithium ions to move from the graphite to the lithium cobalt oxide and release energy. When you charge, the ions move back to the graphite layer.

This means an overcharge will cause extreme damages to the battery because you are over-stuffing a layer with Lithium and will increase internal resistance. This might lead to compromising the cell's integrity.

How to Improve Smartphone Battery Health

Since it doesn't take too much time to charge a phone, try to unplug your phone anytime you go to bed. You can resume charging when you are awake.

Leaving your phone plugged while sleeping means will likely keep it connected to the power source for more than the needed time. Otherwise, you start overusing your battery and keep forcing it to take more energy than it should.

An overcharge could lead to a temperature rise and degrade battery life. This is why you shouldn’t leave your phone under your pillow because it could cause a fire outbreak.

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Also, if you want your phone battery life to last longer, avoid using your phone while charging. Or better still, only do the things that take little energy. Besides, you may consider getting rid of unused services from your device too.

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