Glo Announces 31st of October As Free Data Day

By the look of things, it seems Glo free data day will be coming up every month. This amazing offer started on August with mixed reaction, and even NCC tried to block it. But Glo didn't stop, as september free data day kicked off, but on a more solemn note.
Now, this is Glo free data day October, another oppurtunity for you to enjoy free browsing.

Glo Free Data Day

Glo free data day is a chosen day set aside to reward eligible Glo subscribers with 200mb free data to browse and download, plus free access to WhatsApp all through the day. This eligibilty here is simply by keeping your line active.

According to Glo:

“All Glo customers can now enjoy a whole day of free data when they meet set of voice and/or data usage threshold within 7 days to the free data day.

The date of this month's Glo Free data day is on the 31st of October, 2017. But before then, here are the requirements you must fulfill in order to be eligible.

Requirements For Glo Free Data Day
To be eligible, ensure you do either of the following in the 7 days preceding the announced Free data Day:
1. Use N150 or more on voice calls PLUS 100MB or more of data
2. Use N250 or more on voice calls.

A confirmation SMS will be sent to your line once you meet the requirement. Then you can now enjoy Glo free data day. Kindly share and drop your comment about this below. Cheers!

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