How to Add Contact Forms to WordPress Websites

The best way to improve on your website is to work on the feedback you get from your readers. But how do you get that? By adding a form by which they can reach you. This is why, in this discussion, I will be teaching how to add contact forms to WordPress websites.

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how To add contact forms to WordPress websites

What are contact forms?

A contact form, usually found on the contact page, is a form by which the visitors to a website can reach the website owner or, at least, anyone who manages the website.

It contains a set of questions to be filled out by the visitor to the website. It will be delivered automatically to the administrator immediately after the visitor sends it.

How do contact forms work?

As I was saying, a contact form is usually displayed on the contact page. When your website visits this page, they will see this form with empty fields to be filled by them.

After filling in the essential parts, they are expected to submit the information they have just entered by clicking the submit or send button.

Once submitted, the information entered in the fields are directly and automatically sent to your email address.

Depending on how you want it, the visitor may be redirected to the contact page, a thank you page or any other page of choice.

The benefit of adding contact forms to WordPress websites

Below are the benefits of using a contact form on a WordPress website in case you have one. If you don't, learn How to Create a Blog Yourself.

  1. Feedback

First of all, contact forms let your website visitors leave feedback on your website. Hence, through it, they can easily share what they think of your website and suggest ways you can improve it.

  1. Clarifications

There are times when a website visitor might need to clarify information from your website. At times like this, having a contact form on your website will help them reach you.

  1. Request

When a customer wants to reach you from your website, they can easily do so by filling the contact form from the contact page.

  1. Spam check

The contact form acts as a spam checker. Since your email address to which the emails are sent will not be seen or disclosed to the visitor.

  1. Relationship building

Contact form helps to build a relationship with customers. Also, when emails are sent to you and received by the customers, you start building a relationship with them. Although, this depends highly on how satisfied they are with your responses.

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Similarly, you can even add any customer who sent you an email, through their permission, to your email marketing list. If you want to know more, feel free to read on how to make an email marketing list.

How to add contact forms to WordPress websites

Adding a contact form is simple. All you need to do to achieve this is follow the procedure below.

  1. Go to your Plugins >> Add New. Type “Contact Form 7” and search. When you have the plugin, install it and activate it.
  2. Upon activation, proceed to Add New.
  3. Give the new form a name and add the fields you would like your fill.
  4. Proceed to the main page to add your email address to forward the mails to.
  5. Finally, go to the messages page and edit the messages to be displayed in various cases when filling out the form and saving.
  6. Go back to your Contact form list and copy the shortcode beside the form you just created.
  7. Proceed to Pages >> Contact page and edit. Paste the shortcode you have just copied from the previous step and save it.
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Lastly, you can now visit the contact page through its URL to see the wonders. Try using the contact form to send an email to yourself to know better how it works.


You have just learned how to add contact forms on WordPress websites for free. Although there are other methods and plugins to add a contact form, I have specifically chosen “Contact Form 7” because it is free and straightforward to set up.

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Finally, we have come to the end of this article on how to add a contact form on WordPress websites. Feel free to give your feedback through your comments, and remember to share it with friends.


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