How to Avoid a Mobile Hack on Smartphones

In this post, you will be learning how to avoid a mobile hack on smartphones.

How to Avoid a Mobile Hack on Smartphones

Bad hackers are everywhere looking for people to prey on. Also, nowadays, more people are reported using a phone for their daily life activities rather than a PC. This is why hackers now target mobile users more than before.

If you have been a victim of mobile hacking and would like to avoid subsequent attacks, you can refer to my post on tips to remove a hacker from your phone. Here, I will be sharing tips to protect your phone and ensure you are safe.

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How to Avoid a Mobile Hack on Smartphones

Use a Strong Security

Do not leave your phone unsecured. At least, this will prevent strange break-in attempts from people close to you.

You might consider using PIN, password or biometrics (if supported by your device) to keep your mobile office secured when not in use.

Activate Find My Phone

The Find My Phone feature on mobile devices is a great way to find your misplaced phone. Besides, it can help you protect your information if activated. Also, you can remotely wipe your personal data from the lost phone before the hacker could manage to gain access to your stolen or lost device.

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Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

Be wary of the potential harm attached to browsing with Public Wi-Fi Connections. Public Wi-Fi, though free and might be fast are usually unsecured.

While you can be easily enticed to connect your smartphone and browse for free, please keep in mind the dangers you are about to put yourself. Once a public network is compromised, cybercriminals will be able to access personal information of users connected to the network.

Install Mobile Anti-Virus Software

Also, ensure mobile anti-virus software is installed for your phone. Run it regularly and update the app regularly to ensure the anti-virus module are up to date.

Keep your OS and Apps Updated

Always check for your device OS update. Once, there is an update available, ensure you download and install them for enhanced security against updated threats.

Besides, do not leave your apps not updated. Go to Google Play or iOS App Store to update your installed apps regularly.

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Do not Disclose an OTP

If you have received an OTP to your mail or phone and you have not initiated one, ensure the message is deleted immediately. Please do not share with anyone. This could put your bank account or any associated services in danger.

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