How to Clean and Customise Your Twitter Feed

Do you know you can easily customise your interests on Twitter? Here, you will be learning how you can choose selected topics that you want, clean and customise your Twitter feed.

How to Clean and Customise Your Twitter Feed

Twitter is arguably one of the most popular microblogging and social networking platform. It is been used in all countries of the world, although, presently suspended in Nigeria after the country’s President tweet was flagged contrary to former President Trump of the United States Twitter ban.

Twitter creates an online space where people can voice out their opinions. More so, organizations now use the space as a means through which their customers can reach them with their complaints.

Every Twitter user has a feed. This feed is where you can see what accounts you follow are tweeting. Besides, suggested tweets are also shown on the feed. If you don’t like the tweets you currently see on your feed, this post will help you clean your Twitter feed and choose only topics that interest you.

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To clean up and customise your Twitter feed, you can either mute an account, a tweet, words, or hashtags. Doing this will help you to remove the associated tweets from your notifications tab, push, SMS and email notifications, timeline, and also from replies to tweets.

How to mute a tweet or an account on Twitter

Muting a tweet or an account is pretty much the same on the app or on the desktop. Navigate to a tweet and tap the three-dot menu icon.

You should see both muting options here — mute the conversation or mute the account.

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Tap on either option to mute the tweet or the account.

Muting an account will not cause you to unfollow the said account. They can still send you direct messages, but you will not receive push or SMS notifications from those muted accounts.

How to Mute Hashtag/Word on Twitter

  1. To mute a word or hashtag, first, you need to tap on your profile icon.
  2. Next, tap Settings and Privacy and then Privacy and safety.
  3. Go to Muted accounts and Muted words and choose Muted words.
  4. Now, select the + icon to add words that you would like to mute. This can be a word, phrase, username, or hashtag. And, it should be added one at a time.
  5. Once you are done adding the words, tap on save. By default, muted words are removed forever.

Now that you have added words to mute, you can be sure they will no longer appear on the Home timeline and Notifications options. Any tweet having a muted word or phrase will no longer show on your timeline and as notifications.

Besides, you can block an account to restrict or disable any future conversation with the account owner. Blocking an account means that you will no longer follow or see their tweets.

How to Clean and Customise Your Twitter Feed

How to Block a Tweet or Twitter Account

To block a tweet or account, tap the three-dot menu icon beside any tweet and you will see the Block @username option. Once you choose this option, the account will be blocked.

Note that you will stop receiving notifications from accounts you block and the blocked account will not receive a notification that you have blocked them. Also, if you have blocked an account you follow or that follows you, you will cease to be followed by that account and another way round.

Once tweets are removed and blocked, you can now customise your interests or topics.

How to Customise the Content you see on Twitter

Content customization can only be made when you access Twitter from a web browser.

  1. Log in to your Twitter account through a web browser and choose More from the left panel on the home screen.
  2. Next, choose Settings and Privacy, then Privacy and safety and finally Content you see.
  3. Now, you should see Topics and Interests. Choose Topics and select the topics you are interested in. Henceforth, Twitter will start to show contents that are related to the topics you have added to your feed.
  4. Also, from the Topics and Interests screen, select Interests to see a list of interests that Twitter has picked for you. Interests are added by Twitter based on certain factors like profile, activity, and the topics you follow.
  5. You can now select topics that interest you and unselect those you would not like to continue seeing on your feed.
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We have come to the end of this post on how to customise your interests on Twitter. Now, you should be able to choose topics that you want on your feed. Ensure you share the post with your friends.


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