How to Create Your First Blog Post

Since you have properly set your blog and the theme options have been edited to your taste, why not start writing? This post focuses will guide How to Create Your First Blog Postyou to create your first blog post.


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How to Create Your First Blog Post

Blogging is much of writing and writing. You have to write, write and continue writing to become successful blogging. However, writing in blogging is not a big deal especially if you have been trained to type using Word Processors like the MS Word. In fact, some shortcuts used on MS Word works fine on the WordPress editor.

As a beginner, I will advise you to always write your articles using a word processor offline. The reason for saying this is that, sometimes, typing directly in the editor might be frustrating and tiring, and sometimes you get to lose everything you have typed if there's a network issue.

To save yourself from stress, just type in any word processor then copy to the editor and make final edit before you publish.

How to Add A New Post on WordPress

How to add a Blog Post

To add a new post on your WordPress blog, follow the steps below.

  1. From your dashboard, click on Posts, then Add new. This will take you to the editor where you can start typing.
  2. The first box where you have post title, enter the title you want to give your post. When you click outside the box, a URL is automatically generated for the post. That link will help people to find the post after publishing.
  3. Click the box below and start typing the content you want to put on the page. If you have typed using a word processor, just copy the already typed post and paste in the text area.
  4. You can set the headings, numberings, margin, among other numerous things you can do to the contents to suit your taste.
  5. Also, you can add images to your texts as well as featured images. Featured images make your post look good from the front page.
  6. Now, to create your first blog post, when you are done writing, then you should publish the post. If you choose to save as draft, the post will be saved but you still need to publish for the post to be found online.
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You have finally learnt how to create your first blog post. Although, you should know that you can still edit or delete already published posts if there is a need. To do that, click Post from the dashboard. All the posts you have written so far will appear on that page. Just hover your cursor on the title of any post you want to edit or delete to make the options visible to you.

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The process of creating a page follows the same way as creating a post. Just click on the Pages from your dashboard and then Add new. The same editor used for creating posts is used to create a page.

create your first blog post

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Here is the end of this post on how to to create your first blog post. If you have found it helpful, kindly leave your comment below. Finally, don’t forget to share this post with friends, sharing is caring!


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