How to Find Rubber in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

In this guide, we'll look into the locations where you can find Rubber in Hello Kitty Island Adventure and how to use it to your advantage in the game.

How to Find Rubber in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is a game that captivates players of all ages. In this world, certain items have particular importance, and Rubber is one such item.

Although rare, Rubber plays a crucial role in the Prank Preparation quest, where it is used to craft Water Balloons.

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How Rubber is Used in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

In Hello Kitty Island Adventure, Rubber serves a valuable purpose. It is a key component in crafting Water Balloons, an essential item required for the Prank Preparation quest. As you embark on this journey, ensure you keep an eye out for Rubber.

1. Craft Water Balloons for the Prank Preparation Quest

Once you've secured the necessary Rubber pieces, it's time to put them to use. Craft Water Balloons using the Rubber, and these playful items will become a crucial part of the Prank Preparation quest. These Water Balloons hold the key to further progress in the game.

2. Meet Badtz-Maru on the Docks

To proceed with the Prank Preparation quest, you must present the crafted Water Balloon to Badtz-Maru. Head to the docks to find this mischievous character and hand over the Water Balloon. Not only will you advance in the quest, but your friendship level with Maru will also receive a boost.

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3. Increase Friendship Level with Maru

Badtz-Maru is especially fond of Water Balloons, making them the perfect gift for him. By consistently presenting him with Water Balloons, you can strengthen your friendship with Maru. Remember, friendship holds great value in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, and this gesture will surely bring a smile to his face.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Rubber Locations

How to Find Rubber in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Location 1: West of Chococat’s Workbench

The first location where you can find Rubber is to the west of Chococat’s workbench. As you explore this area, search carefully among the bushes, as that's where the elusive Rubber may be hidden. Gathering Rubber from this spot will set you on the path to completing the Prank Preparation quest.

Location 2: Left of Hello Kitty’s Kitchen

The second place to find Rubber is to the left of Hello Kitty’s kitchen. While it may not always be there, it frequently appears on numerous occasions. So, whenever you visit Hello Kitty’s kitchen, be sure to check the nearby vicinity for the precious Rubber.

Location 3: Beach on the Fence in Pochaco

Your third and final chance of discovering Rubber lies at the beach on the fence in Pochaco. This scenic spot offers another opportunity to collect the much-needed Rubber. Keep an eye on this location, and you might be rewarded with the precious item.

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The three locations mentioned above are the most reliable spots to find Rubber. Whenever you see one, seize the opportunity and collect it.