How to Fix “Failed to send” on Instagram

Are you having issues sending Instagram messages? Here, we have explained how to fix the “Failed to send” error on Instagram.

How to Fix "Failed to send" on Instagram

The “Failed to send” error on Instagram occurs when a user tries to send a message to another Instagram user on the mobile app. Once you initiate a message and try to send it, the error will show on your chat and the chat list.

Unfortunately, sending a message repetitively won't help. You will continue to get the error no matter how long you try.

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The “Failed to send” error is caused by a glitch on the app due to the Instagram app being down.

How to Fix "Failed to send" on Instagram

Below, we have explained what the Instagram “Failed to send” error means and how to fix it.

Why does Instagram say failed to send?

The Instagram “Failed to send” occurs because of a glitch on the app caused by Instagram's app global outage. At the moment, the Instagram mobile app is down for some users.

Such users can experience specific issues preventing Instagram from sending and receiving messages.

Although, you need to be sure that Instagram is down for you before fixing the error. However, if Instagram is down for you or a bug on the app, you would have to wait until it is fixed.

Other causes of the error include slow internet speed.

Some Instagram users have taken to Twitter to narrate their experiences with other users. Some of their tweets have been embedded below.

Instagram is currently down and causing the messaging feature not to work correctly.

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Verify if the app is down

How to fix “Failed to send” on Instagram

You can fix the “Failed to send” error on Instagram by first identifying if Instagram is down for you. In that case, you would have to wait until the issue has been fixed on Instagram's end.

Once it is fixed, Instagram will release an update for bug fixes and performance improvements to its app.

Please note that a slow internet speed could also cause the error. So, ensure to check your internet speed or switch to a different network.

We have explained the procedure involved below.

  1. Verify if the app is down

You need first to check if the “Failed to send” error on Instagram is because the app is down. Already, there are known cases of reports that the Instagram mobile app is down for some users.

If Instagram is down, you might experience issues with the messaging feature. You can use the DownDetector website to check whether Instagram is down.

Also, the Twitter website comes in handy in cases like this. You can search if there are related discussions available on Twitter. This will help you understand if you are the only one experiencing the issue or if you aren't alone.

  1. Kindly wait a while

Not being able to send messages on Instagram could result from violations. Instagram has security measures to block attacks from bots, spammers, and automation.

So, if you are sending messages repeatedly, you may be blocked from using features related to this task for a while. However, the block is temporary and will be lifted between 24 to 48 hours.

A temporary blockage from messaging could cause the “Failed to send” error.

  1. Update your app

Instagram introduces some updates to fix irregularities in the previous. These updates are usually aimed at bug fixes and performance improvements.

Instagram has been informed about the messaging feature bug and already working on getting it fixed. At the moment, we can only hope that the bug is fixed as early as possible.

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For now, if you cannot send messages, you will get the “Failed to send” error. But ensure that you continue to check your App Store or the Google Play Store for updates.

Try a different network

If you see an update, you should apply it and see if the issues get fixed.

  1. Try a different network

You may have a slow internet speed to access the Instagram app. Else, it would help if you tried a different network.

The “Failed to send” error could result from slow internet speed, or your IP address is temporarily blocked on the app. Changing to a different network should fix issues both.

Start by checking your internet speed from the SpeedTest website to see if your download speed is good. If your download speed is low or below average, you could have issues using the messaging feature on the app.

Try to connect to Wi-Fi if you are on mobile data and vice versa. Then, force close the Instagram mobile app and attempt to send a message again.


The Instagram app is down for some users, and Instagram is aware of the situation. Once fixed, a new update will be rolled out on the various app stores.

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How to Fix "Failed to send" on Instagram

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