How to Fix Gmail Not Showing Images

Are you having issues seeing photos in your emails? Here, we have explained how to fix Gmail not showing images.

How to Fix Gmail Not Showing Images

The reason why Gmail is not showing images is because of its security. When photos are included in emails, they are retrieved from external servers.

This gives spammers the advantage of knowing when an email message has been read. As a result, they could target people's email addresses and continuously send spam messages to them.

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Secured email clients try their best to control and prevent spam emails by ensuring messages aren't downloaded automatically when an email message is opened, especially when the images are from remote servers.

However, if you always want to see your images in email messages, you can change the settings from the Gmail app.

How to Fix Gmail Not Showing Images

Below, we have explained how to fix Gmail not showing images.

Why is Gmail Not Showing Images?

If an image from an email message on Gmail is served from Gmail's secure proxy servers, then the image is automatically displayed and will be visible.

However, images in an email from a remote server are not displayed automatically, but you can change your settings to change this.

Gmail is not showing images because the image may be too large in size or attached in a format that the client does not support. Usually, image formats such as JPG, PNG and GIF are supported.

Firewall and other security features may block URLs or IP addresses, preventing images from loading in your emails. Otherwise, your device could be on power-saving mode, which has led to the restriction of data usage.

If the “Always display external images or Display Image” option is disabled in your Gmail account setting, you won't see images from an external server when you open a mail.

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Also, if your phone is on low data mode, or you have issues with your Wi-Fi or mobile data, texts and images in an email won't load correctly.

If Gmail is not still showing images after fixing all of these, then the issue could be a result of a bug/glitch in your email client, or the email client server is down.


How to Fix Email Images Not Showing?

1.     Disable Battery Saver Mode

The power-saving mode or battery saver in some devices affects how a device and its apps perform. When enabled, some functions and features will not work. This could be the reason your images are not showing.

To fix Gmail not showing images, disable your device's battery savings or power saving.

How to Disable Battery Saver on Android

  1. Launch your Android device and go to Settings.
  2. Under Settings, select Battery, then Power saving mode. On some devices, you may find the option as “Power saver” or “Battery saver”.
  3. Disable the option by using the toggle bar.

The option under your Settings could be different based on phone maker, model, Android version and wireless service provider. Ensure you check under Settings well to find the feature.

2.     Enable Images in Gmail

Images from external sources will not show on Gmail if you have not enabled the “Always display external images” or “Display Images” option. When the option is turned on, images will now appear in Gmail.

To enable images in Gmail on Android, launch the Gmail app and select the menu icon to see your Settings option. Choose Settings, select the email account, and scroll down to the “Data usage” tab. Under Data usage, select Images and choose “Always display external images”.

To enable images in Gmail on iPhone or iPad, launch the Gmail app and select the menu icon to see Settings. Choose “Settings” and select an account. Locate the “Data usage” tab and select Images. Now, set the option to “Always display external images”.

To enable images on a PC, go to the Gmail website and log in to your account. Select the Settings icon from the top right corner to see Quick settings. You need to click on “See all settings” and go to “Images”. Now, choose “Always display external images” and save from the bottom of the page.

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Henceforth, Gmail will now show images in your email message. However, if it detects spam, it will ask if you wish to view the image instead of displaying it automatically.

3.     Try other apps

If the Gmail app still does not work correctly, you can install other alternatives from the Google Play Store if you have an Android or the App Store for iOS devices.



Gmail automatically display images when emails are sent through its secure proxy servers. However, you can manually change your settings to see photos at all times.

To fix this issue, allow the “Always display external images” option in your Gmail app or website. If the problem persists, try to disable power saving mode.

To allow Gmail to load images in an email, ensure you include the link to the web version of the mail, have an alt tag in your pictures and include them within your texts.

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How to Fix Gmail Not Showing Images

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