How to Fix “Show Additional Replies” on Twitter/X

In this guide, we will help you to fix the “Show Additional Replies” issue on Twitter/X and help regain your voice on the platform.

How to Fix "Show Additional Replies" on Twitter/X

You can think of Twitter/X as a virtual hub where ideas and thoughts are related. It's a space where you can freely express your thoughts and stay up to date with the news around the world. The platform even allows users to participate in discussions through Spaces.

This popular social platform allows you to subscribe to X Premium for better visibility, verification and other extra benefits. These include the options for paid subscriptions and opportunities to monetize content through ads.

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However, one issue where many leave creators puzzled is the “Show additional replies” feature.

What Does “Show additional replies” Mean on Twitter/X?

The “Show additional replies” on X is a link that hides specific replies from immediate sight. This happens when some replies are hidden or reduced in visibility in the replies section.

There are reasons behind this: Such a reply could be marked as sensitive, flagged as spam or seen as offensive. However, it may be that the account itself has been shadowbanned. With a shadowbanned account, all your replies might be considered sensitive and kept hidden. As a result, others can only discover your replies by looking deep into the replies section when they select the “Show additional replies” option.

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Consequently, this significantly reduces the visibility of your replies, greatly affects the number of people who see them and limits how well your insights can grow on X.

How to Fix “Show Additional Replies” on Twitter/X

To ensure that those hidden replies regain their visibility and start to show again, you will need to follow the steps below:

Solution 1: Enable Sensitive Content

Enable Sensitive Content

You can enable sensitive content on Twitter Web or the X mobile app as follows:

  1. Open the web version of Twitter and access it by visiting and logging into your account.
  2. Go to the “More” tab, then proceed to “Settings and Support.”
  3. Further, proceed to “Settings and privacy” and then to “Privacy and safety.”
  4. Look for the option labelled “Content you see” and select it.
  5. Under this section, find the “Display media that may contain content” option and select the toggle in front of it to activate.

Note that after making this change, you need to refresh the homepage or close and reopen your Twitter/X app to see the effect.

Solution 2: Disable the Posts Sensitivity Option

Disable the Posts Sensitivity Option

To turn off the post sensitivity option on Twitter Web or the X mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. Open Twitter and log into your account.
  2. Select the “More” tab, then “Settings and Support.”
  3. Proceed to “Settings and privacy” and then to “Privacy and safety.”
  4. Find the option labelled “Your posts” and select it.
  5. Under this, find the “Mark media you post as containing sensitive material that may be sensitive” option and select the toggle in front of it to deactivate.
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Please keep in mind that if your replies are still hidden, your account is likely to be shadowbanned. This means you must wait for days or weeks to get it lifted. You can also subscribe to Twitter/X premium for more opportunities.


The “Show Additional Replies” on X is a great way to protect users from sensitive, spam and offensive replies. However, for creators and writers alike, it can be a hindrance.

However, with the abovementioned steps, you can show those hidden responses and increase their visibility.