How to Fix “Sorry, you have been blocked” on Discord

In this guide, we'll take you through the steps to fix the “Sorry, you have been blocked” error on Discord and help you understand why you may have been blocked in the first place.

How to Fix Sorry you have been blocked on Discord

Are you getting the “Sorry, you have been blocked” error on Discord? This error message often comes up with the message “You are unable to access” and a Ray ID, like “[Ray ID: 80e356efdcc1c4f1].”

If you've come across this problem, don't worry – we've got your back. We will explain why you might have been blocked in the first place and how to fix the issue.

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What Causes the “Sorry, you have been blocked” Error on Discord?

The error message “Sorry, you have been blocked” on Discord can happen due to these reasons:

It seems like there may have been some activity detected on your Discord account, which has led to a block. Sometimes, you might also encounter the error message due to difficulties or server outages on the Discords end.

If you are using a VPN or a proxy server while accessing Discord, it is possible that it could trigger security precautions as it may appear that your connection is originating from an unusual location. Also, there are instances where firewalls and antivirus software can interfere with Discords functioning, causing difficulties in accessing the platform.

Now that we understand why this error occurs, let's look into the steps required to resolve it.

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How to Fix “Sorry, you have been blocked” on Discord

Solution 1: Use the Browser or App Version

If you're having trouble with the Discord desktop application, you should try using the browser version. You can access it by going to

If you encounter any issues with the browser version as well, you can consider using the Android app version of Discord. If none of these options work, you can download and use Discord from the Microsoft Store.

Solution 2: Connect to a Free VPN

You should try using a free VPN service. First, create an account., then connect to the VPN. After that, try accessing Discord.

Solution 3: Remove Unwanted Chrome Extensions

If you are using Google Chrome, click on the menu icon. From there, choose “Manage extensions”. Take a look at the list. Make sure to remove or turn off any extensions that seem unnecessary, suspicious or related to VPN or proxy usage.

Solution 4: Other Troubleshooting Methods

  1. Refresh Your DNS: Type “cmd” in the Windows Search bar to refresh your DNS. Run it as an administrator and enter the command “ipconfig /flush dns.”
  2. Use Discord Privately: Open an incognito browser window and visit Discord.
  3. Clear your browser's cache and cookies.
  4. Temporarily deactivate your firewall or antivirus software (remember to reactivate them for security purposes).
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Solution 5: Contact Discord Support

Visit Discord Support. Select “Help & Support.” Provide your email address and choose the type of question. Enter the subject and describe the issue. Submit the request and await Discord's response.


The “Sorry, you have been blocked” error message on Discord can be resolved by following the steps mentioned above. Always remember to exercise caution when using VPNs and extensions and prioritize the security of your account.