How to Fix Voice Chat Not Working in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

In this guide, we'll take you through step-by-step instructions to fix voice chat not working in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

How to Fix Voice Chat Not Working in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

If you've played The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game on PC through Steam, you're probably familiar with the excitement that comes with it. The horror game was inspired by the 1974 horror film with the same title.

As a victim in this game, your survival depends on how clever and stealthy you are to outsmart the Family's clutches. On the hand, the Slaughter Family player's challenge is to track down captives and prevent their escape.

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However, many users are encountering voice chat problems while playing the game.

Why Is Voice Chat Not Working in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

There is great importance for voice chat in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. In this horror game, effective communication serves as the foundation for gameplay. Whether you are coordinating tactics with your survivors or making plans as a member of the Slaughter family, you need voice chat to communicate.

When voice chat problems occur in the game, there are issues that you might encounter while using voice chat:

Sometimes, it is possible that you can't hear anything or the audio isn't available. Other times, you can suddenly lose sound, and there comes the deafening silence. Also, the game could fail to recognize your microphone, and you'll end up being unable to speak when you need to.

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How to Fix Voice Chat Not Working in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Below, we will provide a set of instructions to help you fix any issues you might be experiencing with voice chat in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Just follow these steps one by one, and you'll be able to communicate again.

Method 1: Restart the Game

Sometimes when you encounter issues, a simple restart can be the solution you need. To do this, press the CTRL + ALT + DEL keys together and open the task manager. From there, you need to close both the game and Steam tasks.

Afterwards, reopen Steam and launch the game again to start afresh.

Method 2: Select the Correct Output Device

Select the Correct Output Device

If you're experiencing problems with sound, it could be due to a setting for the output device. Simply click on the speaker icon from the taskbar of your Windows operating system. Now, choose the output device, such as headphones, from the options.

Method 3: Choose the Correct Windows Default Output Device

Choose the Correct Windows Default Output Device

Select the WIN + G keys and choose the “Voice” tab. In the “Audio” section, make sure you have selected the Windows Default Output device.

Method 4: Disconnect and Close Conflicting Applications

Sometimes, background applications can cause problems with voice chat. To avoid any issues, make sure to disconnect any devices that are using your microphone. Additionally, close or uninstall any virtual reality (VR) applications that may be running at that moment.

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Also, you may disconnect any peripherals that you're not using and shut down communication apps like Discord, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Method 5: Disconnect Your VPN

If you have a VPN enabled, it might be causing problems with your voice chat. Try to turn off the VPN and restart the game to see if that fixes the issue.

Still Facing Issues?

If none of the steps has resolved the issue with your voice chat, you might want to investigate further if there are any hardware-related problems. It's possible that a loose cable is causing the trouble. Try to unplug and then plug back in your cables for your headphones and microphone.


Effective communication is important to play The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Whether you find yourself as a survivor or part of the Slaughter family, the voice chat feature is a must-have while playing the game.

With these troubleshooting steps, you can easily resolve any voice problems and go back to gaming in no time.