How to Get Dala Kit in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has introduced the Season 8 FUTTIES, which brings a FUT campaign with 41 – tiers. The highlight of this update is the Dala kit in FIFA 23, which serves as the reward. Here is how you can get it.

How to Get Dala Kit in FIFA 23

This new addition holds significance as it plays a role in completing a special objective set that offers some of the most enticing packs in the game. As we approach the end of the FIFA 23 Ultimate Teams game cycle, the upcoming FUTTIES event promises fans a wealth of content for this gaming season.

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, as the Season 8 rewards are revealed, players get to discover the group of FUTTIES players. This talented roster includes known names like Ryan Kent, Diogo Jota and Vinicius Junior. Amidst these options, there is a surprise standout: the Dala kit.

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As the prize at level 41 in Season 8 FUTTIES, this kit catches the attention not just for its visual appeal but also for other remarkable qualities it possesses.

How to Get the Dala Kit in FIFA 23

Dala Kit in FIFA 23

To get the Dala kit in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, players need to earn enough XP and reach level 41 in the progression. This requires accumulating a total of 41,000 FUT XP during the season. Achieving this not unlocks the Dala kit but also starts the pack objectives pursuit.

To earn XP, players need to participate in gameplay and complete weekly tasks. These tasks are the way to accumulate XP gradually, helping gamers reach level 41. As players complete each objective, they get closer to unlocking the Dala kit and embarking on their journey towards pack objectives.

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List of Objectives to Be Completed with the Dala Kit in FIFA 23

Once players put on the Dala kit, they unlock a number of challenges and rewards. The Level 41 Bonus objective becomes the focus giving players the opportunity to earn packs by achieving feats while wearing the kit during matches. To activate the reward, players must score at least two goals in a game.

The Level 41 Bonus objective provides a series of reward packs as players reach milestones.

The reward packs include:

  • 1 completion: 83+ Double player pack
  • 2 completions: 83+ Double player pack
  • 3 completions: Two 84+ player packs
  • 4 completions: Two 84+ player packs
  • 5 completions: Three 84+ player packs
  • 6 completions: Three 84+ player packs
  • 7 completions: Five 84+ player packs
  • 8 completions: Seven 84+ player packs
  • 9 completions: Five 85+ player packs
  • 10 completions: Five 85+ player packs
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All these accomplishments are highlighted by a reward: a pack containing 85 x 10 players that cannot be traded. This collective prize demonstrates the commitment of players as it requires completing all segments of the Level 41 Bonus objective. With FUTTIES bringing unique cards to packs, this pursuit becomes even more appealing.


In the world of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, the Dala kit is a symbol of achievement and commitment. As Season 8s FUTTIES event takes place, players must take advantage of the chance to obtain this kit and embark on a quest to earn its associated rewards.