How to Get M13C in MW2

Are you curious about how to get the M13C weapon in MW2? Here we'll look into the details to obtain it and incorporate it into your gameplay strategy.

How to Get M13C in MW2

Season Five of Modern Warfare 2 has finally arrived. With it comes an array of new content, including six different weapons. One of the anticipated additions is the M13C assault rifle. While the FR Avancer and Carrack 300 can be obtained through the battle pass by players, it's the M13C that has truly caught the attention of gamers worldwide.

This assault rifle is all set to enter this season, along with an unlock challenge. If the name M13C sounds somewhat familiar, it's because it has a connection with the M13B—an assault rifle introduced in MW2 and Warzone during the season of 2022. Consider the M13C as its sibling packed with more power.

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How Can I Get M13C in MW2?

M13C weapon in MW2

To obtain the M13C weapon, you'll need to participate in a challenge called Shadow Siege within MW2. This event is part of the MW3 storyline and is a step towards acquiring the M13C.

According to Activision, the M13C is described as a versatile Assault Rifle that can be used effectively as a primary weapon or as support for snipers. It appears its true strength lies in its ability to assist snipers rather than being solely focused on long-range combat. However, it will take time and patience to understand its capabilities.

To successfully unlock the M13C in Shadow Siege, your objective will be to eliminate five commanders. During this challenge, you should be prepared to face adversaries such as Juggernauts, Boss Choppers and Wheelsons. Activision has confirmed that these foes will be present during this mission.

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Shadow Siege

To make your progress smoother, it is recommended to equip yourself with a rocket launcher and prioritize taking down any choppers, Wheelsons or Juggernauts that cross your path in Shadow Siege. By following this approach, you will swiftly unlock the M13C and gain possession of this highly sought-after weapon.

Please note that it is advisable to form a team when undertaking this task in order to enhance your chances of success. Collaborating with your teammates provides an advantage as it allows you to synchronize your efforts and effectively overcome the challenge at hand. By pooling your skills and resources, you will significantly improve the probability of accomplishing the objective and securely obtaining the M13C.

What to Do Next?

Once you successfully finish the challenge, you'll be able to unlock the M13C for use in MW2 multiplayer Warzone or DMZ. However, it's recommended that you equip your M13B with attachments since it has a connection with the M13C. By optimizing your M13B loadout, you'll be fully prepared to take advantage of the weapon once it becomes accessible.

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As Season Five continues, there will be a lot to discover about the M13Cs' capabilities and the exciting opportunities it brings. Make sure to stay involved with the gaming world by exploring strategies and finding the loadouts for the M13C.