How to Make a Conference Call on iPhone

Would you like to make a three-way call on iPhone? You can actually put up a conference call from your iOS device if supported by your carrier. Here, we have discussed how to make a conference call on iPhone.

How to Make a Conference Call on iPhone

At a time on an iPhone, you can merge up to five calls into a conference call. This works as if you are putting 5 different people together in a room for a conversation.

Starting a conference call is simple. You first need to make a call and place the caller on hold. You then proceed to add another person and now, connect the three of you together. All subsequent participants are added in a similar manner.

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Adding, merging and disconnecting participants on a conference call all depends on if it is supported by your carrier. You might want to reach out to your carrier to know if the conference call option is available for you.

How to Make a Conference Call on iPhone

  1. First, make a call to a contact, and let the call connect. After the call has connected, but the call on hold.
  2. Next, tap Add call and dial a second contact. Let the call connect and then, tap Merge calls. Once the call is merged, you are already on a conference call with 2 other people.
  3. If you like, you may add additional people by repeating the same steps you took earlier. If the Add call option is no longer visible to you, you must have reached the limit of the participants made available by your carrier.
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How to Make a Conference Call on iPhone

Other Tips on Conference Calls

Let say you receive a call from someone else while on a conference call and you would like to add them to the call, here is how it is done.

How to Add an Incoming Call to a Conference Call

  1. First, tap Hold & Accept and allow the call to connect.
  2. Once it connects, tap Merge calls and they have now joined the conference.

You can also have a private conversation with one of the participants on a conference call. Here is how:

How to Speak Privately to a Caller on Conference Call

  1. First, tap Conference and then Private option beside the caller you want to talk privately with.
  2. Once you are done, tap Merge Calls to return to the conference and everyone can hear one another again.

How to Remove a Conference Call Participant.

You can simply remove someone from a conference call on iPhone by doing this.

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Tap Info button >> End option which is placed next to the participant you would like to remove.

How to Make a Conference Call on iPhone

Other Things to Note:

Only the participant who initiated the call can see the list of everyone participating. However, a participant can also add someone else to the call, and they would be able to see the name of the person too.

Interestingly, you can also enjoy hosting many people at the same time with the FaceTime Group call feature.

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