How to Meet People in a New City

Did you move to a new city or town and can’t help but wonder about the best ways to meet new friends? Here, we have explained how to meet people in a new city.

How to Meet People in a New City

Getting out of your comfort zone doesn’t have to be tedious or complicated. When you move to a new city, looking one of the best things you can do is to get involved in hobbies and activities that you enjoy doing.

Interestingly, doing things you love will help you build the confidence you need when you finally meet someone who wants a conversation with you and is probably interested in you. You can join a volunteer group, join an amateur sports team or a gym class.

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Below, we have compiled a list of fun things you can do to meet new people when you move into a new city.

How to Meet People in a New City

Best Ways to Meet People in a New City

Join a Volunteer Group in your Community

It is straightforward to find people who share this passion for giving back. While volunteering, you share a few hours of your time every month for a community cause.

The benefit from volunteering works for both your organization and you. It is one of those activities that can help you meet new, quality friends that can impact your life positively.

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Some of the volunteering causes you might consider are human rights and advocacy, children and youth, animal welfare, arts and culture, education and literacy, crisis support or disaster relief and many more.

Join a Volunteer Group in your Community

Get Enroll in a Sports Team

Depending on your sporting interest, you can find a sports team around, join and participate in leagues. Sports leagues help to create opportunities to meet new friends.

You do not have to be highly athletic. As long as you enjoy having fun, you can always find a suitable sports league for you. You can join athletics teams such as football, basketball, tennis, bowling and more.

Enrol in a Gym Class

Enrol in a Gym Class

If you are the type that wants to get fit and social, joining a gym should be a great choice. Taking one or more of the exercise classes they offer, choose a new workout partner, and you may become friends with them.

Participate in a local road race

Races are fun, especially if you are an athlete. Participating in races can help you to meet new friends.

Beyond getting fit, running can help you enjoy the benefits of having new friends.

How to Meet People in a New City

Join a religious belief group

You can join and worship with people who share the same religious beliefs. Try entering a mosque, church or synagogue around your community and actively participate in worship activities.

Join local Facebook Groups and Meet up websites

Joining Facebook groups is one of the best ways to meet friends online. Search for helpful groups using the search bar from your Facebook app or website.

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Other meet up apps can help you make friends easily when you move to a new city.

Visit public gatherings

Spending quality time in a museum, zoo, aquarium, or national park can help you meet new friends who share the same interests as you.

How to Meet People in a New City


It can be pretty challenging coping when you move to a new city. However, it gets better when you are not alone. This is why you need to make new friends.

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Try out some of the ideas we have discussed here and make yourself open to new social connections. You will start making unique but valuable meet people in your new city.


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