How to Play the Watermelon Game

In this guide, we will take you through the steps to get and play the Watermelon Game across different gaming platforms.

How to Play the Watermelon Game

The Watermelon Game is one of the popular puzzle games, which is similar to 2048 and Tetris. It brings about the Japanese sensation by combining fruits and has quickly gained popularity among other game players across different platforms.

The Watermelon's main goal is to combine different fruits and help you work your way towards making a watermelon.

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Where to Get the Watermelon Game

Nintendo Switch

On Nintendo Switch, you can get the game by going to the Nintendo Store and looking for the game called “Suika Game” to buy it. Afterwards, you should start the download.

Alternatively, you can visit Nintendo's website to easily get your hands on it.


To get the Watermelon Game on your PC, go to or and download it.  After the download is complete, proceed to install it on your PC.

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Go to Google Play Store and look for the “Watermelon Game.” Once you find it, go ahead and install it.


On iPhone, go to the App Store and search for “Watermelon Game”. You can then download it on your phone.

Nintendo Account Outside the US

If you live outside the United States and have a Nintendo account, there are other options for you. You can buy the game from the Nintendo Store website either through your web browser or the eShop.

Watermelon Game

How to Play the Watermelon Game

Now that you have the game, here's how you can play the game.

Playing the game revolves around merging two watermelon fruits to create one. You need to keep pairing fruits to reach your goal.

However, you need to be careful and prevent the fruit from piling up too much because it could lead to defeat. Make sure to play within the limits to keep your winning streak going strong.

Also, you need to understand the hierarchy of fruits. The sequence is as follows: cherry, strawberry, grapes, dekopon, persimmon, apple pear, peach, pineapple, melon and watermelon.

The Watermelon Game Price

If you want to enjoy the Watermelon Game on the US Nintendo Switch Store, you'll need to budget $2.99 USD. In the Japan Nintendo Switch Store, the game is available for 240 Yen.

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The Watermelon Game gives a wonderful experience to gamers. You can choose to play the Nintendo Switch version or check out other alternatives on PC and mobile devices.