How to Return A Product on Flipkart

Doesn’t seem satisfied with what was delivered? In this post, you will be learning how to return a product on Flipkart.

How to Return A Product on Flipkart

Flipkart remains arguably one of the most well-known eCommerce stores around. It offers a simple, quick and easy way to search for your favourite products and place orders on them. No wonder it has become a go-to place for several people who need to patronize an online store.

Although I have read a lot Flipkart positive reviews online, however, not every customer seems fine with the orders they receive and feel the need to return. Among the many reasons why people would likely return a product include, wrong sizes or colour damaged products, defective items and more.

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If you have bought an item from Flipkart and you are not satisfied with what was delivered and would like to return the order, I have got you covered. The Flipkart return policy allows you to return a delivered order for replacement or for a refund.

How to Return A Product on Flipkart

If a product you receive is damaged or not the required colour or size, you can either ask for a replacement or a return. However, it is not possible to replace a product when it is out of stock. As a result, you will need to wait for a while until restock or you request for a refund.

Return and Replace an Order

If you feel there was a mistake in your order in terms of size, colour quality or functionality, you can request for a replacement. The process involved is very easy, straight and it is as follows.

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Launch the Flipkart app and tap on Menu. Now find and tap My Orders to find a list of all previous orders you made. Now, identify the one in question and tap Return.

On the next page load, you need to specify the reason why you are making a return by choosing a valid reason. if you can’t find the appropriate response, choose Others and input yours. You may also add additional comments to the feedback section right beneath. Remember to choose Continue when you are ready.

Now, a new page will load requesting to fill your personal details. On the page, proceed to the part asking what you want in return for the product you are returning. Kindly choose Replacement of the same product. Further, proceed to select your pickup address and tap Confirm Return.

You have filed a return for replacement form for your Flipkart order. In due time, the request is processed and the order will be replaced.

Kindly note that return policy differs from one product to another. Some products have a 10-days return policy while some can be 30-days or more.

Return and Ask for A Refund

Asking for a refund is often considered in cases when replacement is not possible. If you want to return your Flipkart order for a refund, kindly follow these steps.

Go to My Orders to find the product and tap Return. Specify why you need to return the product and tap Continue. Proceed to fill your personal details and Refund from the part asking what you want in return and specify how you want to get your refund. So, if you made an online payment for the product or paid cash on delivery or used any other available method of payment, be rest assured that your refund will be made after the product has been retrieved. Enter other details requested and tap Confirm Return once you are done.

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Kindly note that Flipkart refund might take up to 5 or 7 days after the product is retrieved.

I hope this helps.

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