How to Share Wi-Fi Password from an iPhone

Passwords should be kept safe at all costs. But should in case you find it necessary to share, it should be done with utmost care. Here is how to share your Wi-Fi password from an iPhone device.

How to Share Wi-Fi Password from an iPhone

If anyone wants to share your Wi-Fi and request that you share the password with them, there is nothing wrong with saying no. But, should it be the case you willingly want to share, the process is so simple and no big deal, especially if both are iOS devices.

For two iPhone devices with one connected to the internet and the other awaiting a connection, you can share the Wi-Fi password without sharing it in the real sense. This means that you can connect another device to your private wireless network with your iPhone without them entering the password manually.

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How to Share Wi-Fi on an iPhone

Before you try this out, ensure both devices are running an updated version of the iOS at least, from iOS 11 up to iOS 15. Further, ensure you leave Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on for both devices.

You will also need both phones Apple IDs if they don’t have the same Apple ID. In this case, you will need the Apple IDs to your contacts list on both devices.

How to Share Wi-Fi on an iPhone

Now, ensure the two devices are close enough to allow a strong connection. And do these;

  1. Take the device to be connected, open the Settings app and select Wi-Fi.
  2. Next, go to Choose A Network and select the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to.
  3. Now, the host device needs to share access. A pop is displayed asking if you would like to share Wi-Fi.
  4. Proceed by choosing the Send Password button and your device will readily share access to the Wi-Fi network with the other device.
  5. Once the connection has been shared, tap Done and enjoy easy surfing.
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Things to note:

This procedure does not work for iPhone and an iPad, only works when both devices are iPhones.

However, this can be used on cross-platforms like iPhone and Android devices. Although Android devices do not operate on iOS, you can still use this following this procedure.

share a connection with an Android device

First, download a QR code generator on the iPhone and launch. You need to create a QR code for your home Wi-Fi password with the app.

To share a connection with an Android device, simply open the QR code created on your iPhone and scan with your Android camera or an Android QR scanner app. You may be asked to confirm the connection on the Android device. Simply confirm and that is all.

Wi-Fi passwords can be shared between Macbook and iPhone. Just that the Macbook must be running at least macOS High Sierra or a newer version.

To connect, place your Macbook on the Wi-Fi network next to the iPhone. Now, on the iPhone, select the Wi-Fi network that you are connecting to. Pop-up requesting access will be sent on your Mac and you are required to click Share to grant network access to the iPhone.

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How to Share Wi-Fi on an iPhone

If both devices fail to connect to each other, check for available software updates and ensure the Apple IDs for both devices are saved interchangeably. You can also restart your Wi-Fi or the two mobile devices, or restart your Wi-Fi network by unplugging the router for 60 seconds or more.

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