How to Use Find My iPhone

Is your iPhone device missing or misplaced? You can use the Find My iPhone app to find it on a map or mark the device as lost.

How to Use Find My iPhone

The Find My app is the same as the Find My iPhone app. If you misplaced, lost or got your iPhone device stolen, you can use the Find My app and protect your data. The Find My app can be used to locate an iPhone, and as well as other Apple devices like iPad, and iPod touch when missing or stolen.

With the app, there are specific things that you can do. You can look for your device on a map, mark your device as lost, find the serial number, file a claim or remotely wipe the phone. Besides, you can also remove your missing device from your account.

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How to Use Find My iPhone App

Below are some ways that you can attempt to find your misplaced or stolen phone using the Find My app;

Find the Device on a Map

You can find your device by signing in to iCloud or using the Find My app on any other Apple device that is yours. Go to and choose your device from the list of devices.

Alternatively, you can use the Find My app on your other Apple device to see the list of devices. However, if the Find My feature wasn’t turned on, you may not be able to locate it.  If this is the case, there are still some other things that you can do to protect your account on the device.

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How to Use Find My iPhone

Mark Device as Lost

If you cannot locate your device, it is ideal to keep your information secure. You can ensure this by marking the device as lost or locking it remotely with a passcode.

Doing this also disables Apple Pay while a custom message is displayed on your missing device. This will contain your contact information should in case someone has helped you find it and they might want to bring it to you.

You can also take it one step serious by reporting the missing device to the local law enforcement agencies around you. These law enforcement agencies might be able to help you track the device upon request for the serial number of your device and evidence of ownership.

In addition, if the missing device is covered with Theft and Loss by AppleCare+, you can file a claim for a replacement.

Remotely Erase Your Device

If you are convinced that there is no need to search for your misplaced device, you erase the device remotely. Be careful before you take this action because once done, you can no longer track the device’s location and would no longer be able to search for the device.

In case you have considered filing a claim for replacement with Theft and Loss using AppleCare+, do not erase the device until the claim has been approved.

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Contact your Network Carrier

Ensure you contact your network carrier and report the missing device. Request that your account be disabled to prevent calls, texts, and data use from the device.

Remove the Device from Your account

To do this, visit to remove the missing device from your list of trusted devices.

Again, if you have filed a claim for the replacement of your lost iPhone with Theft and Loss using AppleCare+, ignore this option until you are sure that your claim has been approved.

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How to Use Find My iPhone

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