Lady Gaga Invisible Shield Video (Watch)

While performing live on stage, Lady Gaga was protected by an invisible shield blocking an object thrown at her.

Lady Gaga Invisible Shield Video (Watch)

Lady Gaga, a 36-year-old musician, was allegedly protected by an invisible shield. While performing on stage, one of her fans threw something at her, but it appeared blocked by an invisible shield.

The incident has since made Lady Gaga go viral across social media.

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During a live performance in a concert, a huge unidentified mysterious object was thrown at lady Gaga which went straight in her direction before it finally landed instead of hitting her.

This happened during the live performance of the Oscar winner at the launching of her Chromatica Ball World Tour earlier in July in Germany. The report about the invisible shield emerged from fans and admirers of the show.

Fortunately, when the incident happened during the show, a fan could capture the whole video recording of the scene.

Lady Gaga Invisible Shield Video (Watch)

A Twitter user, Andrin (@noah3020), captured the scene where the mysterious object aimed at Lady Gaga was blocked and swerved away by a shield while performing at Dusseldorf the last weekend.

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The video was posted on Twitter with the caption:

CONFIRMED: Gaga has an invisible force field that protects her from dangerous objects as shown in the video.

Lady Gaga Invisible Shield Video

While some fans believed that Lady Gaga has some “magic powers”, hence, the “invisible force field” used to protect herself as seen in the footage.

Note that the unknown object was thrown at her while on the stage kickstarting her Chromatic Ball stadium tour on 17 July in Germany last week. A performance would follow this in Sweden, the Netherlands and France.

Some of her fans that witnessed the incident believed the unknown object thrown at Lady Gaga while dancing on stage was a rag. Some also thought it could be a gift from the fan since some super-excited fans are sometimes known for gifting their favourite superstar.

However, many people who have the video from the concert could not identify the object. Nevertheless, the recorded scene got the attention of many people on social media.

It was also believed that even though the video's uploader was looking for attention from the public, the object thrown never got to the stage nor reached the singer. It was stopped in motion by an unidentified invisible shield preventing it from getting to the stage.

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People concluded that an invisible shield protected Lady Gaga from the footage. However, no one knows if it's due to some “magical powers” or technological advancement.

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Lady Gaga Invisible Shield Video (Watch)

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