Maplestory Jin BTS

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Maplestory Jin BTS

Jin, a member of the BTS group, has finally landed his dream role in a video for the Maple Story game. The member of the Grammy-nominated group has always shown his support for the Maple Story game.

Interestingly, he has been added to the set of the new video coming up for the game. Maple Story has also teased Jin as ‘working' for the game company. However, Jin's role in the company is game planning.

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It was confirmed after Jin posted the gaming company Nexon's employee ID on his official Instagram account, putting up the phrase “Joining a major company” as the caption.

Maplestory Jin BTS

Maplestory Jin BTS

The start of BTS chapter 2 has revealed new sides of the crew members. It was a good feeling seeing the presence of Jin from the BTS at VIP movie premieres as one of the trending topics on Twitter.

Many fans have reacted positively to the news that Jin may be acting in a K-drama movie. The Maple Story “game planner” video will allow the BTS ARMY to see the acting prowess of the actor Jin working as a professional game planner.

The teaser of Maple Story shared sparks different reactions from the fans. Some of the tweets can be seen below.

“You can't escape Actor Jin, tell me this doesn't look like the beginning of office k-drama?”, said a fan.

Another fan said, “Mapler, Kim Seokjin, Goes To Work” This looks like a K-Drama shot pls Actor Jin,”.

How to Watch Maplestory Jin BTS Video

Jin's love for games cannot be compared to any other. For many years, he has shown his love as a Maple Story fan.

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As a result, he has earned his right to take on a new challenge for Maple Story and fans, which is expected to unlock his creativity as an actor.

The full video of the Maplestory Jin BTS will be released officially on the Maple Story Korea Official YouTube channel on August 16.

Maplestory Jin BTS Video Trailer


We have discussed the “Maplestory Jin BTS”. We will keep you updated with more news on the video.

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Maplestory Jin BTS

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