Microsoft Confirms Windows Phones As Dead And Heading To The Grave

Due to the heavy competition in the smartphone industry, only the strong can survive, and it's no secret that Microsoft are facing difficulties in the mobile market. Unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye to Windows phones, as we've heard from the horse's mouth, Microsoft, confirming the mobile OS as officially dead.

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Windows Phones

In series of tweet during the weekend by Microsoft VP, Joe Belfiore -who is responsible for the mobile OS, he said “we know that Windows 10 Mobile is also slowly but steadily heading to the product graveyard of Microsoft.” As consolation, he further said that Microsoft will keep supporting the platform with bug fixes, but no new features or hardware will be introduced.

Windows Phone Tweet

Explaining the reason for the fall of Windows phones, he disclosed that developers never really backed the platform and Microsoft could not find partners to work with. Also, the low number of users affected the mobile OS, as it seems most Windows users ported to Android -even Bill Gates- and iOS platform.

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No wonder they also made the Microsoft edge browser available on Android and iOS devices.