Nathaniel B Meme Meaning

Do you want to know more about the latest trend online? Here, we have explained the meaning of Nathaniel B Meme.

Nathaniel B Meme Meaning

Social media helps to discover many trends online. Most times, new trends are introduced on social media platforms weekly.

As a result, it has helped many users to discover how creative they are while having the fun of their life.

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Like many other trends, the Ain't You Nathaniel B meme emerged on TikTok and continues to trend across other major social media platforms.

The trend has gone viral, and the inventor has shed some light on what the famous phrase means.

Nathaniel B Meme Meaning

A group of friends got involved in a freestyle rap fight which later became popular on social media in 2020. A TikTok user, Prince Maj, was one of them.

Maj did not know that a single rap line would bring him so much fame online. For many months, the phrase “Nathaniel B” continues to trend on social media.

However, although it has gained a lot of attraction from people, many still do not know what the catchphrase means.

Ain't You Nathaniel B was a phrase initially used in a TikTok video in 2020 before it later became widespread. It was revived again in the past month by @oscardozzz.

The video with the phrase was initially posted on social media on the 31st of July, 2020, by @oscardozzz for the first time. Interestingly, more than 2.7 million people have watched the video clip worldwide.

While many have seen the video, the public's attention has shifted to knowing what the phrase means. Below, we have done justice to the words according to Prince Maj, who started it.


Nathaniel B Meme Meaning

A TikTok user with the username @oscardozzz was involved in a rap battle with his friends, who were also members of the same high school football team as him.

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The video was divided into parts, and he shared the “Part 5” clip showing a rap freestyle with friends. The person freestyling in the video wore an orange shirt and tied a bright headband.

In his freestyle, he said as a rap,

“That shit was trash. You can't handle me. Hold up, ain't you Nathaniel B?”

Meanwhile, Prince explained in a TikTok video that the “B” word used in the phrase stands for “brother”. Therefore, Nathaniel B Meme on TikTok means Ain't You Nathaniel Brother.

After clearing the air about the meaning of the catchphrase, the original rap video from 2020 started to trend again on TikTok and has gotten more than 1.5 million views since the 31st of July.

In the video, we saw the TikTok user @oscar_dozzz featuring a freestyle rap group formed by the team members of a high school football club.

Prince also disclosed that the team day didn't go as planned, although he was just a sophomore. The teammates agreed to go into a rap battle, which was how it started.

However, Prince claimed to have been admitted to the circle because he was a famous rapper at the school, allowing him to compete with a different person.

The video went viral during his second year in high school. At this time, he went on a vacation with his athletic squad, where he got involved in another rap battle with his colleagues.

The phrase got many reactions on Twitter. One of the tweets says:

“me after almost saying “ain't you nathaniel b” at the dinner table”

What Nathaniel B truly means and how it fits into the rap line

Prince disclosed that Nathaniel b means Nathaniel's brother. However, there are some things about the name to be concerned about.

No one knows what the name is all about. It remains unclear whether the name belongs to a celebrity or a regular person on the street.

Since no one knows who Nathaniel b is, only the one that said the phrase could answer this correctly. Only he can explain who Nathaniel b and what he has done to deserve mention in the rap line.

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However, the situation could lead us to some conclusions.

It could mean that the rapper had no one with the name. he probably had created Nathaniel in his mind and referred to his opponent as the brother to make the lyric flow.

In that sense, we can conclude that Nathaniel B is not a human but an imaginary name from the rapper. He could have done this to play with his opponent's mind to get him confused.

Otherwise, Nathaniel could stand as the opponent's brother. However, comparing someone to a relative in such a context could lead to an embarrassing situation.

It is more like referring to his opponent as lesser than, weaker than or a copy of Nathaniel. In this case, he could say that his opponent lives under his brother's shadow.

Although a scenario like this is rare, it must be that the rapper and his opponent knew each other well.

If you want to read further, we have added the full tweet by @blackzoronoa on Twitter.



We have explained the meaning of Nathaniel B Meme. Now you know what the catchphrase means.

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Nathaniel B Meme Meaning

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