Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator Codes

Of all games in Roblox, Sonic Speed Simulator appears to be the fastest. The game let you become fast and be able to level up by running and racing against other players. As a result, you then unlock new worlds. Here are the Roblox sonic speed simulator codes.

Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator Codes

Sonic Speed Simulator was designed by a team of Roblox developers that put their heads, time and resources together to make wonders happen. Lots of amazing content has already been added to the game, with more promised to follow in a few weeks.

Running in Sonic Speed Simulator helps to get fast to level up. You can compete in races against other players to unlock new worlds and levels.

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The CHAO reward which can be collected in the game will help you to earn sonic character skins and also, increases your stats.

Interestingly, even though the game is new, it has garnered more than 150 million visits with over 850,000 favourites. Another amazing thing about this game is that big updates are announced every week.

Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator Codes

Below, we have listed every Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator code and how you can redeem them in three simple steps.

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How to redeem Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator codes

  1. Start the Sonic Speed Simulator and locate the Shop link from the bottom of the page.
  2. Next, click on Shop, then click on Redeem Codes.
  3. Finally, input the code for the item you want to redeem and click on Redeem.

Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator codes


At the moment, only RIDERS is the Sonic Speed Simulator code that is still working in 2022. To redeem, you only need to enter the code and you will be given the RIDERS SONIC character for free.

The RIDERS SONIC character can be equipped by going to Menu >> Character >> RIDERS SONIC. Finally, click on EQUIP and the character is now in use.

Note that, after getting the RIDERS SONIC character, you have to equip it before you can use it. Be informed that the RIDERS SONIC is a rebirth of Sonic Riders that was initially released in 2006.

As more updates are being added to the new game, we believe that more codes will be granted. Once this happens, we promise to add them to this page.

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How to redeem

At the moment, simply find characters around the map to unlock them. This seems to be the only way for now.

Lots of characters can be found at GREEN HILL, LOST VALLEY, and EMERALD HILL. By collecting 100 card fragments, you can also unlock the Sailor Tails character for free.

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How to redeem

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  1. I check on the golden statue every update and if I remember correctly it has been smaller since world 1.5. Knuckles does not have a middle find it’s one of those gloves where the middle, pinkie, ring and pointer finger are together. Thanks for these codes.

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