Smartphone Applications you never knew about which you must have

This post will be discussing Smartphone Applications you never knew about which you must have. If for you, the thought of leaving your house without your smartphone is somewhat similar to leaving a dear part of you behind, say a finger, then you are like most people when it comes to their smartphones.

Smartphone Applications you never knew about which you must have

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According to a survey conducted by the International Data Corporation (IDC), it was reported that 84 per cent of an estimated 193 million population uses a smartphone in Nigeria and they’re spending an average of five hours a day checking in with their preferred digital device.

However, despite all that time we spend on our phones, there are a surprising number of secret features—stuff even the most ardent or passionate Smartphone devotees and gurus aren’t familiar with.

Whether you want to get home safer, instantly take a fun selfie in the heat of a moment, or check the alignment of your hung painting up the wall, yeah, these are some apps you didn’t know could make your lives better and stress-free each day and these could make your devices a lot more than just a distraction.

Smartphone Applications you never knew about which you must have

Diagnose Your Car Troubles

A lot of us have to be in a situation where our car wants to get the better of us and we are not sure what’s wrong with it but aren’t in the mood to pay a mechanic some bucks to tell you it’s nothing? There’s an app for that.

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Download the Automatic Pro app and the Car Doctor app for your iPhone or Android device and you’ll get an adaptor that allows you to plug it into your car’s ODB-II port, usually located near the base of the steering column.

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Once it’s plugged in, the app can remind you where you parked, diagnose engine trouble, and even alert your loved ones in the event of an accident. Awesome, isn’t it?

Play Your Favorite Show on Your TV

Thinking that episode of Games of Thrones Or The Originals would look a lot more epic if you weren’t watching it on a five-inch phone screen? There’s an easy workaround. On your iPhone’s home screen, swipe up and you’ll see an option for Screen Mirroring.

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Provided you have an Apple TV, all you need to do is click and your screen mirroring app, stand sufficiently close to your Apple TV, and enter your AirPlay passcode if prompted. Luckily, you can do the same using an Android phone, as well, if you have a Chromecast or Chromecast-enabled device. Smartphone Applications you never knew about which you must have.

Even without an Apple TV, you can still do the same with your iPhone just simply by downloading third-party apps, like Reflector, AirServer, or Netflix onto your computer, and using the mirroring feature as described. Life can be so much fun when you know how to go about stuff that gives you joy. Ain’t it?

Keep You Safe While Walking Home

Anyone can get a little freaked out when it only you walking home at night starring at the dark roads ahead, it’s only natural a little fear and paranoia kicks in, but there’s an easy way for your phone to keep you safer.

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The bSafe app, available for both iPhone and Android, allows you to send invitations to selected contacts to track your location, set a timer that will trigger a distress call to your contacts if you haven’t made it home within a specified timeframe, and can even schedule fake calls at intervals to make it seems as though you’re talking to someone on your trip home.

Help You Hang a Picture Straight

The Bubble Level app for either iPhone or Android is specifically made for the absolutely meticulous and finite to details kind of people who wants everything done to perfection like the pictures hanging on the wall acutely straight. The app helps you get the right angle the first time and every time.

Hang on for more useful tips on our to maximize your phone's usage.

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