Some Funny Wi-Fi Names You Should Consider

In this post, I have provided some funny Wi-Fi names you may consider should in case you’re looking around for awesome suggestions.

Some Funny Wi-Fi Names You Should Consider in 2020

Wi-Fi Names are attached to Router, MiFi and Mobile Hotspot which serves as Wi-Fi network hosts. It is the name displayed to Wi-Fi enabled devices around which would enable such devices to connect and be able to browse when the host device is within reach. In this post, I have researched some cool funny names you can use for your wireless router/mobile hotspot.

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Why Funny Wi-Fi Names

A funny Wi-Fi name can either put a smile or a shock on your neighbour’s face. It can be used to depict or pass information across to your neighbour. For example, if your neighbour is the type that regularly disturbs with a loud noise, you can tweak your Wi-Fi name to correct them. You can also use it to convey your feelings to that lady you just fell in love with in your neighbourhood. Found this funny, don’t you? Then, let’s get down to business.

In case you are wondering if changing your router’s name is even possible, I have recently posted an elaborate tutorial to cover how to change the router’s username and password.

Some Tips for Choosing a Wi-Fi Name

Below are some tips to consider when trying to come up with Wi-Fi name suggestions.

  1. Make it a distinct but not hard to remember.
  2. Do not include your personal data. This data may include your name, address, work, birthdate, pet name, spouse name and so on.
  3. Never use the same Wi-Fi name and password. Meaning that the Wi-Fi name and password must be distinctively different.
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Some Funny WiFi Names Suggestions

Before I proceed, I would like to state categorically that the word “Funny” as used in this piece is subjective. However, I will try my best to share more useful ideas. I hope that you find at least one useful name suggestion for your need. So, here we go:

  1. Abraham Linksys
  2. Benjamin FrankLAN
  3. Bill Wi the Science Fi
  4. Martin Router King
  5. John Wilkes Bluetooth
  6. Mom Use This One
  7. LAN Solo
  8. EXE
  9. Titanic Syncing
  10. No More Mister Wi-Fi
  11. Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
  12. The LAN Before Time
  13. I Believe Wi Can Fi
  14. Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her
  15. The silence of the LANs
  16. House of LANister
  17. Winternet Is Coming
  18. Ping's Landing
  19. Loading…
  20. Searching…
  21. Area 51 Test Site
  22. The Ping in the North
  23. Get Off My LAN
  24. The LAN Down Under
  25. FBI Surveillance Van 4
  26. This LAN Is My LAN
  27. Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wi-Fi
  28. Text 123-456 for Password
  29. Never Gonna Give You Up
  30. Virus-Infected Wi-Fi
  31. Starbucks Wi-Fi
  32. Yell your name for Password
  33. The Password Is 1234
  34. No Free Wi-Fi Here
  35. It Hurts When IP
  36. Dora the Internet Explorer
  37. Life in the fast LAN
  38. This Public Wi-Fi is Free
  39. 404 Wi-Fi Unavailable
  40. Go Get Your Own Wi-Fi
  41. Test Wi-Fi Please Ignore
  42. Do Not Connect
  43. Drop It Like Its Hotspot
  44. Meet the Creep Next Door
  45. IveSeenYouNaked
  46. LAN of Milk and Honey
  47. Call Me Any Time
  48. This is Not Free Either Paid
  49. Bill Wi, the Science F
  50. I Pronounce You Man and Wi-Fi
  51. Wi-Fight the inevitable
  52. All Your Bandwidth Belong to Me
  53. 1000 problems but WiFi ain't one
  54. 10 Guys 1 Router
  55. I Slept With Your WiFi
  56. No More Mister WiFi
  57. alluppercasethreewords
  58. Desperate HouseWiFi
  59. Type your name
  60. There is no password

More Funny WiFi Names Suggestions

  1. inSSIDer
  2. Swedish Mafia Safehouse
  3. Out of Bounds
  4. subway_free
  5. NSA Drone #2
  6. We don't have wifi
  7. No Devices Found
  8. FBI surveillance van
  9. DontTouchMyDaughter
  10. I'm watching you
  11. Virus Detected!
  12. Wanna hook up?
  13. A Terrorist nearby
  14. Your Music is Annoying
  15. Nothing to see
  16. Baby use this one
  17. Taliban wifi
  18. Two girls one router
  19. It's Locked, WiFight It?
  20. 2fast4u
  21. R2D3
  22. Do Not Touch me
  23. Want free wifi?
  24. Harder HARDER
  25. God is watching you
  26. Do not Use WiFi
  27. I Now Declare You Husband and WiFi
  28. Virus Infected WiFi
  29. This is not Free
  30. No Free Wifi for You
  31. No Devices Found
  32. CBI Surveillance
  33. Will You Marry Me?
  34. Quit Using My Wi-Fi
  35. My Personal Internet
  36. I feel GREAT
  37. Lettuce say Wifi!
  38. Hilary Clinternet
  39. Donald Trump
  40. Very slow internet
  41. TitanicIsSyncing
  42. Free virus
  43. Type John's full name in CAPS, with no space
  44. Use This One Mom
  45. Mom, Click Here For Internet
  46. Kindly please stop your barking dog
  47. Connect Now and Die
  48. Virus Distribution Center
  49. The Promised LAN
  50. Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
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Here are Some of the funny Wi-Fi names suggestions. Lastly, if you found this helpful, kindly leave a comment below and remember to share with friends.