Some of the Most Prominent Current Ecommerce Trends

Some of the Most Prominent Current Ecommerce TrendsStarting an eCommerce venture sounds like an attractive proposition given how much money there is potential to be made. 

However, with the growth of eCommerce, the competition is fiercer than before, and entering the industry with little resources and experience is a challenge.

Nevertheless, the difficulties should not be something that prevents you from trying. Other aspiring entrepreneurs had problems as well, and some of them managed to achieve their goals.

It also helps to know which trends are influencing the eCommerce world. If you add them to your business strategy, the odds of succeeding increase significantly. 

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Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent eCommerce trends and how implementing them helps businesses.

Emphasis on Customer Service

Modern customers have certain expectations, and they will not bother shopping in an online store that fails to meet these expectations.

Brands are emphasizing customer service to a point where they reward the most loyal customers with various perks—for example, custom merchandise. 

If you wish, you could look for a print on demand business partner that will provide you with custom t-shirts, hoodies, face masks, stickers, sneakers, phone cases, and other products you can give away to loyal customers.

Besides gifts, it is necessary to include flexible shipping and return policies. Multiple payment methods are worth a shot as well. 

24/7 customer support and an in-depth FAQ page come in quite handy, too, particularly the latter when a customer would rather seek information themselves rather than engage with customer support.

Lastly, customers seek feedback from other shoppers, meaning that customer reviews should be present on the website.

Selling on Popular Platforms

Some of the Most Prominent Current Ecommerce Trends

2 in 5 US consumers purchase goods on Amazon at least once a week. The number indicates how popular the platform is and how it might be worth it to stick to Amazon and other popular eCommerce platforms rather than starting a website from scratch.

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Sure, there are some limitations to those who sell on eBay or Amazon. However, since these platforms are so popular, they come with a large shopper audience, which is a significant advantage compared to attracting customers to a new and unknown online store.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is bound to make an even bigger impact in the future, but it has a few users right now as well.

For one, chatbots are set to replace real humans in customer support. A bot that uses AI to learn and can respond to customers immediately is a more efficient option. Besides, businesses do not have to hire people from across the world to cover all the time zones. A chatbot is available 24/7.

Data processing is another example of an area where AI makes a significant difference. Businesses need to collect information about customer behaviour, sales, marketing, and other business-related data to make proper adjustments to their marketing campaign.

Researching competition is also on the menu, particularly when a brand has to operate in a competitive market.

Collecting and processing data manually sounds like too much of a hassle, even if a business has multiple people working on the job. Efficiency matters, and sticking to AI for this particular task is a more efficient choice. 

Voice Commerce

Optimizing your online store for voice commerce means that people who prefer to use their digital assistants—such as Alexa—will have an easier time doing their shopping. In fact, if they have to choose from a store that has voice commerce and a store that does not, they will go with the former.

Another thing to note about this particular trend is that implementing voice commerce also means attracting another demographic to your business. People with disabilities might have no option but to rely on their voice to shop, and offering them such an opportunity is a big boost to an eCommerce store.

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SMS Marketing

Some of the Most Prominent Current Ecommerce Trends

More and more stores are sending text messages because shoppers consent to provide personal information while registering their accounts on online stores. Phone numbers are part of that information.

If a brand has a list of mobile phone numbers, it should take advantage of the data and send some offers or reminders. However, frequent text messages might lead to more problems than good, so keep that in mind.

Influencer Marketing

Social media is the go-to place to find influencers. Consumers trust personalities they follow on Instagram and Facebook. It is one of the primary reasons why influencers are making as much money as they are.

Giving a simple shoutout to a brand can boost its value significantly so long as this shoutout comes from a popular influencer. 

It is no surprise to see so many brands doing their best to establish relationships with top influencers and pay them so much for a promotional campaign.

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