Telegram Now Allow Users Import WhatsApp Conversations

Telegram Now Allow Users Import WhatsApp Conversations

Telegram is working on a new tool that will let you import WhatsApp conversations in a few easy steps. Remember, Telegram and Signal recently experienced a surge in installation because of people deserting WhatsApp for its announcement of a new privacy policy.

Consequently, Telegram is tightening the race and making the competition tougher with WhatsApp by working on a tool to help WhatsApp leavers import their chats. Also, Signal was reported to have added most WhatsApp features to its app within a few days.

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How to Import WhatsApp Conversations to Telegram

On iOS

  1. Go to WhatsApp and tap the Contact Info or Group Info page.
  2. Next, tap Export Chat, then choose Telegram from the Share menu that opens up.
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Alternatively, you can export chats directly from the chat list when you swipe left on a chat and choose Export Chat.

On Android

  1. Open a WhatsApp chat and tap More >> Export Chat.
  2. Now, select Telegram in the Share menu.

Note: Chats will be imported into the current day but will include their original timestamps. If you import a group chat, everyone on the chat on Telegram will see the messages.

About the WhatsApp New Policy Uproar

WhatsApp introduced a new privacy policy to enforce sharing of data with its company’s parent app. This unexpectedly caused uproar and made millions of users feel betrayed, hence, the need to find an alternative.

WhatsApp later issued a release confirming a delay in the implementation of the new policy due to confusion and misinformation. However, this appears to be late already as many users have jumped on available alternatives like Telegram and Signal.

To accommodate the influx of WhatsApp deserters, Telegram is focusing on making it possible to import WhatsApp chat history. Android and iOS users of WhatsApp will be able to import their previous conversations easy and smart. You can find the migration instructions and procedures on Telegram Blog’s post.

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Telegram are Signal messaging apps possess a major threat to WhatsApp following its loss of many users in a few weeks. Many of the deserters feel betrayed and has chosen an alternative and may likely not come back anytime soon.

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