The ABC of Blogging

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The ABC of Blogging

Many people have heard about the term blogging, and how much money bloggers make but without proper knowledge and enlightenment, they know just a little or nothing of what blogging entails. Although blogging might look like a significant term, I will give it a simple meaning as we ride on The ABC of Blogging.

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The ABC of Blogging

What Is A Blog?

A blog is simply a web page on the internet where you can put relevant information for people who need them. Blogging, on its part, describes the activity of what a blogger does on their blog.

Of course, like every other work, job and engagement, most people who engage in blogging do so to make money. Although, there a still very few who does it for passion. But the main driving force that will keep you going with time is what you make from your blog.

Website Themes and Templates

About a Website URL

A blog has a unique address. This address usually has the format or simply, known as the blog’s URL. You would have seen a lot of URL’s over the internet and would have noticed that different URL leads to various websites and pages of the internet. This alone should tell you how unique this URL address system is.

The URL is the same thing as the domain name. This domain name is just the address that will tell a browser where your website is built or where your content is located. It is just the same as the address of your house. In the case someone wants to visit you, all they need is the address. And that’s all.

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A unique domain name is not free; we pay for it! Many people want a free domain name, but the least they may get is a cheap one that is not free. Free domain names are not owned. They come as an extension or a subdomain and won’t give you the authority on the domain.

When you play around with search engines well, you will find out that a domain can be as cheap as $0.99 for the first year. But mind you, the recurrent fee might break your bank for such a too reasonable offer.

Do good research before buying a domain name from any domain registrar you can find on the internet.

Now that you know the importance of a domain name, I should quickly get you informed that a domain name is not everything in blogging. It is just an address, as I earlier said. The main component where you have the website and every other content is the host.

Website Themes and Templates

Hosting a Website

Like the literary meaning, a host is just like storage, which gives you access to connect your domain name, build, design, and edit your web page, among other options. The host is just like your home. You can choose to create or rebuild, or better still, arrange and re-arrange as it pleases you.

A host, too, just like the domain, is not free. A hosing fee or price depends on the provider and the quality of the service they will render. It would be best to watch out for such services in a suitable host: good uptime, private servers, good storage and bandwidth, one-click installation with a guide, and other free features such as free SSL (site security) free add-ons.

Hosting a website

Website Themes and Templates

To get your blog ready, one other thing you might need is a theme or template. A theme or template is a specific design for your webpage. It defines how you want the blog to look when it is visited. There are a lot of themes and templates out there; some are free, others are not. It usually depends on the purpose of your blog.

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But to always be on the safer side and protect your blog from bugs and being hacked, always go for paid themes. Some specific themes don’t serve all the purposes you want them to perform. You don’t need to panic if this happens; you can easily make up for the flaws using plugins. Plugins, just like themes, may be free or paid. Again, I prefer the paid option.

But this does not mean that you should break your bank because you want to start blogging. You can still opt for the free plugins as a beginner and port anytime you find yourself in the best position to do so.

Website Themes and Templates

If you are considering designing your blog, don’t be surprised that this is all you need. You only need to put all these together and get your blog running. Are you about to ask me how you will put these together? Don’t panic; follow this blog. There are more articles on this blog to take you through. Kindly check the blogging category page.

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