We Love We Live We Lie Meme: Meaning, and Lyrics

In this article, we'll explain the We Love We Live We Lie meme meaning and origin, the song behind it and its lyrics.

We Love We Live We Lie Meme Meaning and Lyrics

TikTok trends come and go, but some leave a lasting impression.

One such trend that has recently gone viral on the platform is the “We Love We Live We Lie” meme.

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We Love We Live We Lie Meme Meaning

The “We Love We Live We Lie” meme is part of the lyrics of the song “The Spectre” by Alan Walker. With over 1 billion views on YouTube, this track is no stranger to the digital landscape. “The Spectre” song was initially featured in old YouTube intros and gaming edits.

However, in 2023, it resurfaced because it was used in the Smurf Cat meme video on TikTok. The Smurf Cat, also known as the Blue Mushroom Cat, is an illustration created by Nate Hallinan. It combines the characteristics of a Smurf with those of a cat to produce a humorous character.

The “The Spectre” song used in its video sets the Smurf Cat apart. However, it is not the only video with the sound. Other examples include the Strawberry Elephant and Pineapple Owl.

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The We Love We Live We Lie meme gained attention that even Alan Walker, the producer of “The Spectre,” couldn't help but notice. He left his mark on the YouTube video, commenting, “I was here before the smurf!” and pinning his message for all to see. This acknowledgement from the artist made the meme more popular.

Even Juventus FC used the meme in one of their TikTok edits, which has over 18 million views.


Here’s the proof that Pogba's goal was valid. #juventus #smurfcat

♬ оригинальный звук – billyherigton7

We Love We Live We Lie Lyrics

Hello, hello

Can you hear me?

As I scream your name

Hello, hello

Do you need me?

Before I fade away


Is this a place that I call home

To find what I’ve become

Walk along the path unknown

We live, we love, we lie


Deep in the dark

I don’t need the light

There’s a ghost inside me

It all belongs to the other side

We live, we love, we lie


Hello, hello

Nice to meet you

Voice inside my head

Hello, hello

I believe you

How can I forget


The “We Love We Live We Lie” meme on TikTok has proven how creative humans can be. This meme has become popular among millions with Alan Walker's “The Spectre” as its sound and further made a trend by the Smurf Cat.

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