Why You Should Consider Buying An Android Go Device

In this Post, we shall be looking at Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying An Android Go Device.

Android 8.1 Oreo (Go edition) is powered on for excellent performance as opposed to the usual Android OS that you normally find on smartphones. With Android Go OS, smartphones have become smarter and better.

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Why You Should Consider Buying An Android Go Device

1. Faster and more Secure

The upgraded Google-ownedAndroid Go operating system is optimized to be faster, smarter and more powerful than ever. It is tailored to deliver stellar benefits to users with reimagined apps like YouTube Go, File Go, MapGo and Google Go.

These apps are well optimized with enhanced data efficiency, faster startup and app sign-in. With Android Go users are guaranteed a more secure internet surfing experience, for example, the Google Play store comes with Google play protect security scans to identify which are apps are safe from millions of apps available in the store.

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2. More storage option

Android Go is devoid of bloatware that is usually pre-installed on most budget devices. Bloatware is known to slow down devices. If you have ever experienced incessant hanging before, it is due to the many bloatware that is installed on our devices. In the case of Android Go, you have fewer apps installed and most of these apps have been well optimized to use less storage space, giving you more storage options.

3. Better Data Management

Android is known to be data-hungry due to a huge chunk of apps that are running in the background. However, the new Android Go is built for optimal performance. You now have total control of which apps get to use your data and when, it’s like having your own sidekick, but for data.

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As new smartphones keep creeping into the market almost every month, there are some that are better than others and Android Go devices have proved to be very reliable budget devices.

TECNO Spark 2 is one of such Android GO smartphones that comes highly recommended by notable tech enthusiasts.

The new device flaunts several high-end features which include amazing camera features, large battery capacity, and one of the most beautiful aesthetics on a smartphone.

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Other specs include an advanced Security Facial ID feature with a 700 MS unlock speed, an upgraded fingerprint picture snapper, this helps users capture their pictures with a single hand.

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The TECNO Spark 2 is a good bargain for any smartphone user as it sells for as low as N36,200 only.