About Us

Dextrava.com is a blog website, a helpful guide into the world of Insurance and Technology specifically. Also, it is a place where people can go for help and link to other people on the insurance and Technology know-how.

I am so delighted to be giving out such sensitive information about Insurance and Technology to wake up your inner business mind, I won’t regret the amount of time I spent being kind and helpful to people that need such information—likewise telling people how I found joy teaching on Insurance & Technology and how they might be able to gather info that will help then in the long run. I want to build a world where people can find peace of mind knowing more about Insurance & Technology and the business opportunities around them.

For me, Insurance & Technology coaching is my metaphorical way of reaching as far as those who need help in that aspect. Insurance, Technology, Business, and Information are my positive ways of reaching out to people also being kind to those who need help is dear to my heart,  I have so many visions I want to unleash. I call it the Business like-minded revolution and I urge you to join me in the race.


Hey, My name is Kingsley Onwumere, I am from Imo state Nigeria, a graduate of Delta State University (delsu) I am a BSc holder in Sociology, and my passion for writing started back in my school days when the Novel reader’s group I belong to organize a competition about writing what you read and understand about a particular book which I came out 2nd runners up.


If you find my content educative and eye-opener to the Business world and insurance & technology please help by sharing it on social media to reach more people around the world.