Finn Combos in MultiVersus

The right combos help to enhance the performance of your characters. Here, we have listed Finn Combos in MultiVersus.

Finn Combos in MultiVersus

Every MultiVersus character has a unique set of combos. These include combos that let you change how your attacks work.

You can select and train with the right combos to enhance the performance of your characters. With this, you can even make them the best overall in MultiVersus.

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One thing is to have the best combos in MultiVersus. Another is to utilize it effectively to have a competitive edge.

Finn Combos in MultiVersus

You can also choose a single set for all characters. However, it is not the best option if you want the best for your characters in MultiVersus.

Finn is the last human from the Land of Ooo. He is a young warrior who spent most of his life on quests.

The character helps the good forces in their battle against all evil. He fights with a sword and limitless imagination, alongside Jake the Dog, his best friend and adopted brother, to defeat any villain he takes on.

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Asides from fighting, he also loves to play video games with BMO while he chills.

Below, we have listed Finn Combos in MultiVersus.


Input guide for Finn

  1. D: Down
  2. DC: Dodge Cancel
  3. Ground: Normal attack
  4. N: Neutral
  5. S: Side
  6. Special: Special Attack
  7. U: Up

Finn Combos in MultiVersus

  1. Up Ground, Up Special
  2. Down Air, Up Ground, Repeat
  3. Down Air, Up Ground, Side Air
  4. Side Ground, Side Ground, Up Ground
  5. Down Air, Up Ground, Up Special
  6. Down Air, Up Ground, Up Special, Up Special
  7. Up Ground, Neutral Air, Up Special
  8. Down Air, Up Ground, Up Special, Side Special
  9. Finn moves in MultiVersus

Basic attacks

  1. Chop!/Slam-Bam-In-A-Can! – Neutral + Attack
  2. Power Stomp/Ground Chop! – Down + Attack
  3. Slasher/Sky Punch! – Up + Attack
  4. The Sword Stuff!/Flying Sword Moves! – Side + Attack

Special attacks

  1. Backpack Attack! – Up + Special
  2. Get Skronked! – Side + Special
  3. High Five, Dude! – Neutral + Special
  4. Sweet Deals! – Down + Special

Passive abilities

  1. Finn can move while CHARGING attacks on the ground, but his attacks only gain power if he moves. His Grounded Neutral Special attack CHARGES whenever he moves, even if he is not attacking.
  2. Finn uses COIN to boost his special attacks. When Finn hits enemies, the enemies drop COIN. Finn and his allies can pick up the COIN and increase Finn's COIN count.
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The Finn Combos in MultiVersus have been listed above.

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Finn Combos in MultiVersus

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