Evermotion Mechanical Painting Mondstadt 1 Solution in Genshin Impact

The latest flagship event in Genshin Impact version 3.7 has brought exciting gameplay options for players to enjoy. One of these engaging activities is the Evermotion Mechanical Painting, a mini-game that challenges players to restore mechanical paintings by arranging gears in their correct positions. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to solve the Evermotion Mechanical Painting: Mondstadt 1 puzzle in Genshin Impact, helping you claim your rewards and progress through the event.

Evermotion Mechanical Painting Mondstadt 1 Solution in Genshin Impact

Before diving into the solution, let's briefly explain the mechanics of the Evermotion Mechanical Painting. In this puzzle, players are presented with a grid-like painting, and their task is to arrange the gears in a way that enables the painting to come to life.

The Mondstadt I puzzle, which is part of the Day I challenges, consists of two paintings from Mondstadt. By successfully completing both puzzles, players can earn up to 60 Primogems and other valuable in-game rewards.

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To start the Evermotion Mechanical Painting: Mondstadt I puzzle, locate the “Swap” option on the right side of the screen. This option allows you to interchange the positions of two surfaces in the puzzle. Since only two surfaces can be moved, utilizing the Swap option strategically is key to solving the puzzle efficiently.

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Evermotion Mechanical Painting Mondstadt 1 Solution in Genshin Impact

To solve the puzzle, follow these steps:

  1. Analyze the puzzle

Take a moment to observe the initial state of the puzzle and get familiar with the arrangement of gears and columns.

  1. Determine the correct positions

Identify the positions where each gear should be placed. In the case of the Mondstadt I puzzle, you will notice that there are four gear columns but only five gear parts. This means that one column will remain empty.

  1. Place the gears

Based on the available gears and their correct positions, start arranging them. In this specific puzzle, you should place the Medium Gears on columns one and two. These gears will fit perfectly in these positions.

  1. Use the Swap option

Since there are only two surfaces that can be moved, take advantage of the Swap option to exchange the positions of the gears. This will allow you to align them properly.

  1. Finalize the puzzle

To complete the challenge, put the Large Gear on column four. This gear will complete the mechanism and bring the painting to life. Note that you won't need the Small Gears and the third column for this particular puzzle.

  1. Review your solution

Once you have arranged the gears according to the correct positions, take a moment to review your solution. Ensure that all the gears are in their proper places and that the painting is fully animated.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully solve the Evermotion Mechanical Painting: Mondstadt I puzzle in Genshin Impact. Remember that this mini-game doesn't have a time limit, allowing you to take your time and strategize your moves.

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Here's an example of how the final arrangement should look:

Evermotion Mechanical Painting Mondstadt 1 Solution in Genshin Impact

  • Column 1: Medium Gear
  • Column 2: Medium Gear
  • Column 3: Empty
  • Column 4: Large Gear

Once you have completed the puzzle, you will be rewarded with Primogems and other in-game rewards, helping you progress further in the event.


The Evermotion Mechanical Painting: Mondstadt 1 puzzle in Genshin Impact presents an exciting challenge for players to test their problem-solving skills. By strategically arranging the gears and placing them in their correct positions, you can bring the painting to life and earn valuable rewards.

Remember to analyze the puzzle, determine the correct positions, utilize the Swap option, and review your solution to ensure success.