Free Tools To Run An Online Business With

Your business needs to be improved with simple but at the same time, useful tools.

They can be chatbots, live chat, pop-ups, and email campaigns which will help increase conversion on the website and will work for the perspective.

What is the ultimate goal of using these tools? Of course, the development of the company will expand its possibilities and in the end, will bring success. Then, it’s clear that every company needs its own tools at every stage of development.

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To get it better, we prepared them for you, take a look.


This is a powerful tool that increases the conversion of your website. Chatbots provide human-like responses to customers. They gather the answers from the previous exchanges, reducing programming expenses, and improving customer service.

Benefits of chatbots:

  • they operate independently from human workers. If the new question is repeated often enough, the answer can be added to the chatbot’s script database, enabling the chatbot to grow in relevance and capacity;
  • save the time of chat managers, their salaries;
  • personalize user's experience;  
  • increase productivity;
  • engage with the users;
  • collect important feedback;
  • increase customer satisfaction.

Here’s an example of chatbot support. It helps the user choose the necessary laptop through a number of questions.

Free Tools To Run An Online Business With

Let’s move to another tool like live chat.

Live chat

Live chat is a tool that allows businesses to engage with them in real-time, through messaging. It is a great alternative to phone calls or emails. Users should only type the message inside the chatbox and send it.

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Live chats take place inside a chat box that is part of the live chat app.

What is really important is that users do not need to install anything on their devices. They do not need to sign up to any service to chat with it.

Free Tools To Run An Online Business With

When they click on it, a chat box will appear.

Benefits of live chat support:

  • increasing conversion and sales;
  • building trust with users;
  • satisfying them with a quick answer;
  • helping to understand customers better
  • improving the website.

Below you will see an example of live chat which helps the customers to find special products.



Pop-ups can increase your mailing list. They can benefit your website, your brand, and so forth. So, what are they?

Pop-ups are graphical user interface display areas, usually small windows, that suddenly appear in the foreground of the visual interface.

When you select an option with the help of your mouse or press a special function key, the pop-up appears. It usually contains a menu of commands and stays on the screen only until the user selects one of the commands. Then, it disappears.


  • they drive sales;
  • make offers more visible for customers;
  • grow the email’s list;
  • give the feeling that you’re always in touch with the users.

It should be mentioned about pop-up triggers. They are the events that determine when a pop-up is displayed on a specific site or page. More often than not, pop-up triggers are based on user behaviour and user history. It is highly recommended to use different triggers for your pop-ups, depending on the usage.

Create and use trigger-based pop-ups for your website for free.

Look at the example of a pop-up that offers a sale in exchange for the user’s subscription. There is an exit button, a space for filling, and a “hot” offer.

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Free Tools To Run An Online Business With

Email campaigns

Using email, products and services are promoted through newsletters. It converts visitors into buyers, stimulates repeated purchases, and keeps in touch with customers.  

So then, you shouldn’t forget about segmentation. This is the division of the subscriber base into groups, such as gender, age; place of residence; interests and hobbies; behaviour on the website: what sections the person browsed, what products they appreciate and choose.


  • enable personalized and targeted content;
  • drive website traffic;
  • save time;
  • help to see instant results;
  • shared easily;
  • build relationship;
  • cost-effective.

Communicate with the users via the live chat, use pop-ups to collect more subscriptions on the website, answer frequently asked questions via the chatbot, and report new items via email campaigns. Good luck with your business!

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