Helpful Tips to Becoming a Wise Crypto Investor

Helpful Tips to Becoming a Wise Crypto Investor

If you’ve been intrigued about the success of cryptocurrency amidst being under fire too many times and looking to get a piece of the action, learn more about it first. Before you even start taking that plunge, it is important that you know the ins and outs of cryptocurrency investing and how you can use your knowledge to gain an advantage. Below are some helpful tips on how you can get started on positive ground. Note that this isn’t an exhaustive list of helpful tips. For starters, these are the basics, yet very crucial. 

Aim for diversification.

Never put all of your eggs in one basket – you’ve probably heard this time and again in the field of cryptocurrency investing. Since crypto investing entails a lot of risks it is wise to avoid putting everything that you have in one cryptocurrency. Minimize your tendency to suffer from irrevocable risk by investing in several crypto projects and coins. Luckily, there are plenty of investments that you can take advantage of in the market. So, do not just focus solely on cryptocurrency coins. Consider investing in other projects associated with blockchain and cryptocurrency. Examples of these include DeFi projects, the internet of things and nonfungible tokens. Diversification can also be done through cryptocurrency exchanges considering that these exchanges do not have the same set of assets. When you diversify your portfolio by investing in several or a couple of digital assets, your overall risk profile will also be significantly reduced. 

Focus more on liquidity.

The crypto market is very dynamic and before you know it, significant changes have already been made. This is why if you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrency you have to focus more on liquidity. This way, it will become easier for you to move in and out of your chosen positions, fast enough. The demand for cryptocurrency must be present to ensure that market participants will be able to purchase it at the best price as much as possible. By the time they decide to sell their holdings, chances are high that they gain some profit.

The last thing that you want to happen is being able to buy an asset that you think has huge potential yet, no market participants have been trading it. You don’t want to buy a cryptocurrency that’s stagnating and find yourself right at the mercy of the market. 

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But how do you figure out the cryptocurrency’s liquidity? Do your homework and examine the recent trading volume of that specific crypto asset in the Bitcoin Evolution. By knowing the trading volume, you will also know how much of it was purchased and sold, and such largely indicates how much interest the crypto market has on that specific asset. 

Know how much you can afford to invest and lose.

Cryptocurrencies are largely considered speculative assets. This also means investing in it entails a high level of risk for loss. The same thing can also be said with traditional investing. If you think you do not have enough tolerance for high losses, then see to it that you only invest the exact amount that you are willing to let go. This is when being able to determine your risk tolerance becomes very important. Everybody who’s looking to invest in cryptocurrency must be completely aware of this before deciding how much to invest. If you’re a budding crypto trader, you have to set aside less of that investable income for your chosen asset class. 

If you’re a short-term trader, think about setting strict rules regarding when to purchase, such as only when your investment fell 10 per cent. You have to follow this rule religiously to ensure that a small plummet would not become a significant loss later. If you consider yourself a long-term investor, risk management strategy could be not to sell, no matter the price. But this mentality and strategy can only be learned and mastered with months or years of investing and studying the cryptocurrency market. 

Know which storage is best.

Knowing the best type of storage for your cryptocurrency is crucial. You have to familiarize yourself with the differences between hot or cold storage and which one will serve your cryptocurrency best. When you’re planning to opt for hot storage, you have to make sure you also choose the best online digital wallet. If you just opt for cold storage, then you need to have your own offline wallet, which you may store in your hard drive. The best thing about cold storage is the fact that your cryptocurrency will not become prone to hackers gaining access to it. On the other hand, you should also know how much and which cryptocurrency to put in hot storage so you can continue to move in and out of your positions whenever you need to. Experts recommend that around 80 per cent of your crypto assets be stored in cold wallets. The remaining 20 per cent should be stored in a hot wallet, thus enabling short-term movements for your funds. 

Store your gains in cold storage.

Seasoned crypto investors and a lot of experts in this field recommend that one should take his gains frequently. This can be made possible by storing one’s gains in a hardware wallet. In most cases, crypto investors are faced with the dilemma of knowing when the cryptocurrency price will tend to sink or soar. Luckily, you can have websites like, which can help you learn and increase your chances of being successful. But, when you’re taking your gains frequently, the uncertainties of not knowing when the cryptocurrency will sink or soar will become smooth if you have a strategy in place for regular profit-taking. Don’t let yourself get caught between the mercy of the news and memes. How to determine your profit-taking strategy? Go back to the basics – know the reason why you invest in it in the first place. 

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Remember that cryptocurrency investment not only entails financial loss. It could also come with emotional costs. So, be sure you are in it from a highly objective perspective, as you also learn how to increase your tolerance for losses. No investment opportunities are without risks. So, if you’re looking to get your hands on this complicated world of cryptocurrency, prepare yourself for the possibility of suffering from losses and the consequences of unforeseen risks. 


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