How to Download YouTube Videos in Bulk on Android

In this post, you will be learning how to download YouTube videos in bulk on Android.

How to Download YouTube Videos in Bulk on Android

YouTube is a video hosting platform that allows users to upload or stream video contents on PC, smartphones and other internet-enabled devices. It is free to use for creators and regular users but with moderate ad display during play in a way to monetize the video contents.

YouTube comprises of different video types including skits, movies, explainers and tutorials, class lessons on various topics, and can also be used to live-stream an event.

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Watching YouTube videos should not be a new thing in this century. All you need to get started is visit the YouTube website, search for a video using a suitable keyword and videos related to the query are displayed only for you to tap and start watching.

Besides, you can download the videos for offline viewing when you have the YouTube mobile app or the Go version. Unfortunately, such downloaded videos can only be viewed using the app and cannot be shared.

However, there are a good number of methods through which you can download YouTube videos individually or in bulk, for cases when you find an interesting channel and would like to have all the videos in them stored locally on your mobile device. Below, ways to download YouTube videos in bulk on Android will be discussed.

How to Download YouTube Videos in Bulk on Android

There are majorly two ways through which you can achieve this. You may consider using or by installing Videoder YouTube downloader app.

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To start downloading YouTube videos in bulk on your device, kindly consider the following guide.

  1. Launch your favourite browser and visit to create an account.
  2. Open a new tab and go to YouTube then open any YouTube channel. Tap any playlists and copy the link.
  3. Once you’re done, paste the link in the search bar on on the previously opened tab and search. It attempts to retrieve all videos in the associated playlist and you can then select the ones you need.

The website acts as a great tool in saving YouTube videos in bulk and allow you to download the video files in different available formats.

Using Videoder

You can download YouTube playlists using Videoder by following the steps below.

  1. Visit to install the most recent version of the app on your phone.
  2. After installation, launch the Videoder app and tap YouTube from the available tabs in the menu or copy the playlist link from your browser or the YouTube app and then paste in Videoder.
  3. Proceed to open your favourite YouTube channel and tap any playlist.
  4. Now, tap the download button to save the videos in the playlist locally.
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Now you can quickly have multiple videos stored to your device from YouTube.

Alternative Method

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Here is the end of this guide. If you have found this helpful, remember to leave a comment below and give a hand of support by sharing the link with friends.


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