How to Make the AI Yearbook Trend

In this guide, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to get on the 90s AI yearbook trend on TikTok. Also, guess what? You can do it all for free.

Currently, one of the popular trends on TikTok is the “90s AI yearbook trend.” This trend allows you to take a trip down memory lane by creating yearbook-style images of yourself using artificial intelligence.

In this trend, an AI simply swap your face with an existing photo, which will, in turn, be used to make a video compilation.

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This post will guide you to make the 90s AI yearbook and join the trend on TikTok using Artguru.

What is the 90s AI Yearbook Trend?

The popular TikTok trend consists of videos made up of 90s-style yearbook images using artificial intelligence.

Usually, an AI tool is used to make these pictures by swapping your face with a photo from the 90s to create these yearbook-style images.

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Once you have generated these images, you can compile them into a video and jump on the trend.

How to Make the AI Yearbook Trend

Step 1: Open Twitter and Search for “90s AI Yearbook”

To start, open up Twitter. Once you're there, search for “90s AI Yearbook.” This will bring you a collection of yearbook photos that have been shared by other users.

Step 2: Save Yearbook Photos from Twitter

Once you find these yearbook photos, save them to your device. You'll need these images for the next steps.

Step 3: Visit Artguru

Face swap Artguru

Go to the Artguru webpage, the online platform that will make your AI yearbook dreams come true.

Step 4: Upload Yearbook Photos and Your Headshot

Upload the saved yearbook photos from Twitter to Artguru and provide a clear photo of yourself, which will be used for the face swap.

Step 5: Generate Your AI Yearbook Photo

Click on “Generate”, and Artguru will transform your photo into a 90s yearbook-style image using AI. Also, you need to save the generated photo for later use.

Step 6: Save the Generated Photo and Repeat

Repeat the process for as many yearbook photos as you'd like to include in your video. This ensures your video has a variety of images.

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Step 7: Use Capcut for Editing

For video editing, use this template by Capcut to simplify the process and maintain the trend's aesthetic.

Step 9: Choose the Perfect Sound

Use this sound that matches the 90s yearbook vibe.

Step 10: Upload Your Video on TikTok

Finally, upload your video on TikTok and use relevant hashtags and captions.


The 90s AI yearbook trend on TikTok helps to take a trip down memory lane. However, it also allows you to showcase your tech-savvy skills on TikTok.

With Artguru, you can join other TikTok users on this trend and make it your own.