Jeffrey Dahmer Victims Timeline

In this article, we have explained everything you need to know about Jeffrey Dahmer Victims Timeline.

Jeffrey Dahmer Victims Timeline

If you are following the latest history of The Jeffrey Dahmer Stories, you might wonder if the story is real or fiction. However, for the lovers of The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, be informed that the story is fictional, although based on true crimes committed in the United States.

Below, we have discussed the Jeffrey Dahmer Victims Timeline and other essential things you should know.

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What is the Timeline of Jeffrey Dahmer Victims?

The timeline of Jeffrey Dahmer Victims is dated back to 1978 when Jeffrey targeted people as his victims.

From 1978 to 1991, gays were targeted and killed by Jeffrey Dahmer. A 14-year-old child was one of his victims.

Although these comprise real-life crimes made by one of the most famous criminal gangs in the United States of the time, however, an imaginary part was added to the story of Jeffrey Dahmer.

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If you love series crime genre, you can catch up with the show on Netflix.

Who was Jeffrey Dahmer Victims Tracy?

The list of victims for Jeffrey Dahmer does not contain anyone by the name of Tracy. After a thorough search of available information online, checking through the list of victims, we could not find the name “Tracy”.

It might interest you to know that Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 people, which are mainly men. Breaking down the information available based on his attacks, we realized that his victims are either Black, Latino and Asian.

His first kill came up after graduation and continued till 1991. The TV series storyline is based on murder cases. However, some moments in the series are only fictional.

His victims include M. Hicks, Ricky Beeks, Jamie Doxtator, Anthony Hughes and a good number of people.

How did Jeffrey Dahmer kill Tony Hughes?

Tony Hughes, a deaf character in the Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story TV show, was recently revealed. He belonged to a group of gays in his birth city before he was killed in 1991.

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However, we do not know Jeffrey's motives towards Tony Hughes.


The Jeffrey Dahmer show has become popular and is available on Netflix for anyone to watch. It enlightens people about the deaths of the death of Jeffrey Dahmer Victim Brothers.

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Jeffrey Dahmer Victims Timeline

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